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SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND Collected Edition Books 1-4


SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND: SURVIVORS OF THE CANNIBAL DARK AGE (Series 1 - Collected Edition Books 1, 2, 3, 4 - Caleb 1 - Zombie Apocalypse Novel) Kindle Edition.

457 PAGES - $99-Cent Download or Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Sean Patty’s SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND: SURVIVORS OF THE CANNIBAL DARK AGE Collected Edition presents BOOKS 1, 2, 3, 4 (113,765 words) from CALEB 1, the first story from the SERIES 1 timeline in the SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND universe, the episodic Zombie, Horror, Action, Apocalyptic Adventure series intended for Mature Readers 18 years of age and older for Adult content.

SERIES 1 stories take place during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and subsequent months following the outbreak of an unknown pathogen that has caused a lethal plague threatening the human race with extinction. As civilization descends into a primitive Dark Age, survivors struggle against hordes of infected, undead cannibals, marauders, subjugation, animal predation and a growing firestorm burning across the western United States. With the fall of the thin veneer of societal order, the true animal nature of mankind is revealed as the living must adapt to a Savage Battleground where only the strong will survive with the hope of rebuilding a new world.

In this book, survivalist Caleb Cartwright and a small group of diverse characters struggle to endure a horrific zombie plague spreading across southern California, USA, in an uncompromising journey into the human condition and exploration of the animal nature of man, self-determination, evolution, religion, philosophy, suicide, love and loss, struggle and hope in a story told with greater realism regarding character development, dialogue, fast-paced action and brutal warfare.


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