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ANIMAL GOD MESSIAH Weekly Comics Series on Patreon

ANIMAL GOD MESSIAH: SERIES 2 EPISODE 1: JENNA'S AWAKENING fiction book is currently being serialized as a comic book adaptation on PATREON ($1 per month subscription) - Read uncensored Comics for Adults in high resolution before they are published elsewhere, plus fantasy and erotic Illustrations, Paintings, ACEO Cards, Photos and Writings:  


Other ANIMAL GOD MESSIAH fiction titles, zombie novellas, short stories and comics on AMAZON:…

Sean Patty’s ANIMAL GOD MESSIAH universe will ultimately embody numerous subversive series for Adults, presented in various storytelling mediums, following the Worgardsson clan, along with a large cast of diverse characters, from the Dark Ages to the far future, with stories spanning the genres of fantasy, adventure, drama, horror, humor, romance, cyber-punk and science fiction. WORGARD: VIKING BERSERKIR is an ongoing comic book saga which will be designated as AGM SERIES 1 upon completion. Each AGM series can be consumed independently.

ANIMAL GOD MESSIAH: JENNA’S AWAKENING is a standalone episode from the AGM SERIES 2 timeline of fiction stories, which revolve around Kaden Worgardsson and follow the lives of characters currently inhabiting a group of separatist communities located in the isolated mountain and desert regions of southern California, United States, taking place during a future dystopia and involving themes of authoritarianism and rebellion, animality, free will, theism, atheism, evolution, the will to power, eugenics, tribalism, racism, propaganda, environmentalism and wildlife conservation.

In this episode, Jenna Davis, a young Christian woman, begins her journey of self-discovery after being rescued from a car crash on a remote mountain road and awakening inside the secluded walled community of the renegade survivalist, artist and writer, philosopher and charismatic firebrand Kaden Worgardsson, a descendant of ancient Vikings and the free-thinking, anti-establishment, messianic leader of a growing group of diverse followers who have defied the social conditioning of the oppressive, militaristic, theocratic police state to live in the primitive purity of the rugged wilderness. Kaden offers freedom from the shackles of civilization, discipline and rewarding work, racial harmony and sexual hedonism, self-discovery and enlightenment by teaching a progressive philosophy embracing the true animal nature of mankind that challenges conventional views on life, sex, death, morality and religion, in tangent with the development of innate human potential to achieve clarity of purpose, self-actualization and the reawakening of the godlike force within men and women through self-determination and the survival of the strongest, all the while preparing the community to fight the hostile forces opposing their movement. But can a balance be attained in the struggle between man’s primal nature and his ambitious productive endeavors and can the cyclical recurrence of tribalism, corruption, decadence, racial conflict, authoritarianism, tyranny, revolution and war be avoided in the brave attempt to forge a superior, transcendent society and new world? After meeting Kaden, the community manager, Lorissa Nelson, introduces Jenna to Cedric Ellison, who has subversive ideas of his own, and Meadow Delaney, one of the original founders of the community, whose ambitious eugenics project aspires to unify humanity through selective interracial breeding, plus new friend Paige Carter. Mercer, the anthropomorphic animal robot, and Iggy Jade, the runaway iguana lizard, get into a humorous scuffle on Meadow’s film set. Warren Francis crosses the line. Trevor Bennett and Madeline Pearce continue to cope with their divorce while raising their young daughter in separate quarters. In Los Angeles, where government helicopter gunships and surveillance drones monitor the populace, a labor strike in the streets at the foot of the huge fortified tower of billionaire business magnate and influential political donor Sebastian Archer turns deadly when paramilitary Police enforcers and protestors clash, while Ryker Lucas arrives by helicopter with a delivery for Sebastian’s elite dinner guests.

This publication is intended for Adults 18 years of age and older for Adult content. All characters displaying nudity or involved in sexual situations are intended to be legal age consenting Adults, even where not stated.

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