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Just finished watching the Netflix Daredevil series and all I can say is WOW!!
Absolutely superb. It didn't even feel like a tv show, instead like a 13 hour movie. The action was off the hook, and brutal. My only gripe is that some episodes were very very slow. But when the action came it hit like a truck. Really glad to see one of my fav Marvel characters get such a great live action treatment. I highly recommend you watch it.
And just like everyone else I'm totally considering cosplaying the DD black costume at some point. Even if it's just at home while I draw ;)
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Really awesome work man... did you draw it digitally??
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Really awesome work man... did you draw it digitally?
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This is way better than mine. This is so awesome dude!
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I'm like you only...well, the action was a bit brutal for me but the dialog was off the hook!  *grin*

Seriously though, it got deep for an action flick.  And I felt like not just the main character were fleshed out but all the other major characters too.  Like I felt like some of the side characters (Foggy, Karen) were just as heroic, they didn't have superpowers but they were courageous in spite of that. 
Please may i have your permission to use this photo in a school project?
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For a school project, sure. I'd appreciate if you mentioned/credited me somewhere in the project though. And I'd love to hear how the preject goes.

Thanks a bunch! :)
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*floats away with how AWESOME and handsome you made him* <3
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Glad you like it!
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^^ no problem <3
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you rock bro, excellent draw, is one of my favorite ones, thanks for the job
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awesome show & awesome artwork!!!
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That looks awesome
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I watched the series TWICE already
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I'll watch it again before season 2 :)
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yup great tv series.... <3
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G8 Work !!! yeah its feeling like a movie!
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This is amazing! You've really outdone yourself with the anatomy and pose, perfectly capturing the essence of the character.
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That is BADASS........I love it.
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One word: Oneshot...
Perfect work! Perfect!
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I just finish watching it and it was AWESOME! Same as this drawing you did, look really cool! :D
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