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By SeaMonkey1
Yet another spaceman looking dramatically into the distance...
Hope ye like it
PS: Since I can't properly request a critique I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions :D
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Nice Concept Piece.
eyeconartist's avatar
Can't wait to see this guy start kicking some ass in an epic and cinematic way. Love the lights and flare detail too.
Ariel-X's avatar
This is so fantastic!
Natrill's avatar
SO Amazing, the lighting and reflections just blow my mind. And the textures too! This is truly better than work I have seen professionals do!
scifilicious's avatar
wow! this earns u a watch, altho i thought i already did that :D
your talents are huge. I cant believe some game company hasn't hired you. Keep on rockin. Now I must go back to work to improve my skills. Bravo!
ARMYTR00PER's avatar
Holy shit! This looks like something out of a video game or a movie!
I-Am-Madbat's avatar
Critique? Yeah MORE! This looks great! in: Delerict, Sgt. John A.
(Don't say I never gave yah nuttin'!)
SeaMonkey1's avatar
Hahahaha kay then - more is to come (my next project will be something like this) ;)
The name was a retaliation strike from "spelling" - my arch nemesis
I-Am-Madbat's avatar
LOL...Yup, I always notice the error AFTER I post...I blame ninja's.
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Freakin movie real wow. Love this image
Spydraxis01's avatar
You are so welcome.
ONLYoneCANNOLI's avatar
You want a suggestion?

this is so cool.
SeaMonkey1's avatar
Sorry but I can't do that right now since I don't have any of the original files on the PC that I'm using now :(
IrisRevolver's avatar
love it. so are you a 3d and 2d artist?
SeaMonkey1's avatar
Yah one thing led to another so I kanda do everything now depending on how much time I have :)
BeadedGreenLizard's avatar
are you sure this is a digital art?its realistic looking:D

it'd be cool if there was a shuttle/ship behind him with him floating in space and the sun/earth seen as a reflection off his visor!:P
SeaMonkey1's avatar
Thanx could try that for another piece ;)
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Hi! This work has been featured here [link] :hug: :heart:
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This looks to be your best piece so far. I would put this up against some of the known speed and matte painters on this site. I don't know if you do this for a living, but if you produce more work like this, you could.
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