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As mentioned in our previous post, the #SeamlessTextures group is now community moderated.  Anyone who wishes to help moderate what textures will be accepted by the group can do so by joining as a "Contributor" (if you are already joined as a "Member", you can switch your membership by leaving the group and re-joining).

To make things easier on our Contributors during this transitional phase, the number of votes needed to accept a submission to the group has been lowered to 1.

Thanks for your help in making #SeamlessTextures the #1 source of free, high-quality seamless texture on deviantArt!
Hello everybody!

We are transitioning the #SeamlessTextures group from one that is run by a single administrator, to one that is community moderated.  We now have two levels of membership "Member" and "Contributor".  Anyone can be a Contributor, and being one means that in addition to all the benefits of being a regular member, you can vote on whether new submissions to the group get accepted into our gallery.  Everyone is encouraged to be a Contributor and take part in the moderation of the group to whatever extent they see fit!

If you joined the group after September 2, 2012, you are automatically going to be a Contributor.  If you joined before that date, simply leave the group and re-join in order to be upgraded.

We look forward to seeing you at #SeamlessTextures, the premier group for free seamless textures on deviantArt!


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