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21033 Sol

This is it. The sparkliest Pony i have ever drawn.
I have gone full dark side.
And its kinda fun guys! 8O

Anyway, this little girl was a gift from the amazing BeIIoso and her design was just accepted SO I HAD TO DRAW HER real quick between comms ;n; 
Had way too much fun with her Seidr.



Name: Sól
Barn name: Sunny, Big Mama
ID: 21033
Breed:  Drakehest
Gender: Mare
Age: 14 years
Height: 17.1 hh
Type: Destrier
Color: Dunalino Bifrost
Genotype: ee A+a nCr nD nBfst

Accepted Design:
 Drakehest Import 21033
Seidr: Heliokinesis, Horns, Bifrost headpiece and wings. Feeds off the suns energy and when enough is accumulated she can use her wings to fly. If she does not get enough sunshine then her wings begin to fade.

 Changeable, Honest, Intense. Sól has a way about her that captivates the unwary. Her pureness of character can be something that takes a while to get used to, but once you do she is the most reliable horses around. Sól lives for the moment, from the long quiet slumbers in the sun, to the raw power of her fierce charges across her paddocks. She is gentle and personable when she is focused on you but tends to find something else to do if you begin to ignore her. She has strong maternal instincts and has made a wonderful nurse mare to the weaned and orphan foals around the area. She is protective and gentle, but never afraid to put her foot down on unruly behavior when she int in the mood. She also loves human companionship, especially when that involves being groomed in the sunshine, as she requires so much grooming this seems to be a greatly beneficial method of keeping her happy and healthy. 

• MUST get time in the sun regularly, otherwise she will start to weaken and get sick. 
• Mane + tail are extra light and fluffy and seem tangle resistant. 
• DO NOT FLY on an overcast/stormy day. Power can last a while without sun, but gets progressively weaker and WILL fail at some point. 

Discipline: Being fabulous, Nurse mare

Stable: Farrow Farms
Owner: sealle

----------------------------------------------------------- SSS: 
---------------------------------- SS: FOUNDATION
----------------------------------------------------------- SSD: 
----------------- Sire: Drakehest Export 10198
----------------------------------------------------------- SDS: 
---------------------------------- SD: FOUNDATION
----------------------------------------------------------- SDD: 
Drakehest Import 21033 by DrakehestOfficial
----------------------------------------------------------- DSS: FOUNDATION
---------------------------------- DS: Drakehest Export 12010
----------------------------------------------------------- DSD: FOUNDATION
----------------- Dam: Drakehest Import 20737
----------------------------------------------------------- DDS: Drakehest Export 12030
---------------------------------- DD: Drakehest Import 20568
----------------------------------------------------------- DDD: Drakehest Group Horse 15024

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12030 Dathiul
15024 Miami
12010 Asbru

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Breedings:  Bullet; RedClosedBullet; Red  

Art + Character © sealle 

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Oh god... ;_; so amazing.. look at this angel
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Shes a sweetiepie <3 
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wow...she is beautiful. I'm sure seeing her in real life would blind me!!
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Advised to wear sunglasses when handling her
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she is glorious

I want a glowy pon
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COME TO THE DARK SIDE WITH ME .... er... the glowing side? <.<
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Dost thou tempt me D8
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Absolutely beautiful! 
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<3 Thanks so much. It was fun getting back to them again
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<3 Thankyou!! 
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Gorgeous horse! ♥
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