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Tue Feb 13, 2018, 6:18 AM

update 6/12/18: I'm willing to take point orders for $1 = 100pts, however unlike Paypal, I will require upfront payment prior to receiving the sketch (so as to better manage my work schedule)

For more information, visit my commissions page!

Thank you!

Current Slots

I work on commissions one at a time (or two, depending on timing of response from clients) as I have poor multitasking skills! Please note or email me with the commission form to claim a place on the slot list! Please assume I have not started working on your commission if I haven't sent you a sketch, but that it will be completed soon after!

  • nii @ twitter (in progress)
  • ali @ email (in progress)
  • hiyo @ twitter (pending)


While I work in order of commissions and invoice when I begin work which means I essentially I don't really have a waitlist, I figured I would build one to help manage expectations on when it will be their turn. If you're very sure you'd like a commission, you can send in the form first, and I will confirm with you when I'm ready to take your order. If not, I'll ping you when I am ready and you can send in an order form then!

  • niconico @ TH


Fri Jun 16, 2017, 7:10 AM
So, it's been a long run, and I went from one weeb username to yet another. How's everyone enjoying my Very Bad SAO Pun™?

Anyway I deemed it was important enough to make a journal about it, but I've renamed not just my dA username, but I've also decided to change my alias. It's been something I've been thinking about for a few months, but I decided to go through with it once and for all.

I'll be going by seal from now on, but no worries if you can't remember it! I'd appreciate it of you do though ♥
There's a personal significance behind it, but it's really not that important to most people so just think about it as me turning into a fat sea mammal. It fundamentally sounds almost the same anyway, so it shouldn't be a jarring change!

Created by KathleenMitch