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[bnha-pro] Tori
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Published: December 12, 2017
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quietly revamps tori...!! she's now 80% nicer than she used to be LOL

██████  G E N E R A L //  I N F O

name : Hatoyama, Tori [鳩山 灯理]

nickname(s) : 

age // birthday : 15 //  September 13

gender : female

height // weight : 152cm // 45kg

blood type : AB

██████ B A T T L E  // I N F O

quirk name : Feather Hair [Mutation]

quirk description : Tori's hair is a genetic mutation from birth and is made of enhanced feathers. While losing feathers via shedding/dropping does not hurt her, physically pulling feathers out of her head stings as much as pulling hair off a normal person would, though she can willingly drop feathers without hurting (basically, if she does it it's fine, but if someone else does it, it'll sting). She is able reform the feathers into two large wings (wing span 1.5 metres) that are extremely durable to most physical attacks and allows her the ability to fly. Due to the regenerative abilities inherited from her mother, she is able to passively heal wounds faster than the average human, as well as grow back any feathers lost (to her, it's much like regrowing skin). She has absolutely no control over her regeneration however and cannot increase the speed of it, and the only thing she currently knows about it is it doesn't work if she's hungry or exhausted.

quirk class : Defense/Support

► Feather Dance
Tori can willingly shoot out her enhanced feathers as homing projectiles. She is able to control the velocity and direction of them once launched as they are essentially extensions of herself. While they are not particularly sharp nor do they explode, they can cause shallow cuts enough to graze skin should the target be close enough. As it takes time for her to regrow feathers, she can only use this in short burts and it is most useful as a distraction tactic.

► Wing Shield
In wing form, she is able to cocoon herself and harden her wings into a shield. While highly effective in shielding her from projectiles, it is unfortunately vulnerable to elemental attacks and explosions. Larger projetiles are deflected, whereas smaller ones can be caught by the gaps between her feathers. Tori is able to repel any projectiles caught in her wing shield by blowing it back. She can also circumstancially use it to help shield others -She can fit ~2 other average sized people within her wing shield, as well as hide people behind them.

► Wind Blast
Tori is able to generate a large wind blast by flapping her heavy wings, thrusting people/objects away. The downside to this is...she can't actually control the direction of the wind blasts very well yet, so if friends are not behind her, they may get accidentally caught up in it as well

► Dust Storm
By rapidly flapping her wings downwards towards the ground, Tori can blow up dust and grain particles in the area to form a storm of particles, obstructing visibility. In order to generate enough windspeed for this, she needs to be stationary and use a lot of physical energy (thus leaving her vulnerable after it and highly unrecommended to use when fighting solo). She also can't help friends/partners find their way out of it, since it isn't some magical dust storm that only affects enemies - it's literally just blowing up dust. This ability is also limited circumstantially by the particles in the area - most effective in dusty, sandy areas and absolutely useless indoors.

quirk drawbacks : Tori's quirk is first and foremost a physical extension of herself, and as such requires a large amount of stamina and energy. As a result, overexertion will drop her blood sugar levels dangerously low, causing dizziness, nausea and slowed reaction times. When in this state of exhaustion, not only are her feathers weakened significantly, she is also unable to regenerate them and would be rendered more of a liability than asset. She also has no way currently to disable her passive quick regeneration, and this further adds to energy strain when perhaps she would like to focus on fighting instead of healing a slash on her arm - her body won't allow it. As a result, she is constantly consuming fast digesting high sugar items such as chocolate bars or sweets during combat to try to stabilise her energy. There's always a limit to "quick fixes" however, and she is prone to collapsing when pushed beyond her limit. 

P.S. She's not currently able to carry others while flying unless it's exceptionally short distances, however this can potentially be trained with further physical training. 


  • Her quirk is both defensive and offensive, and she is well trained in hand-to-hand combat, allowing her versatility.
  • When fighting outdoors, she is extremely powerful as a ranged DPS, being able to harness the nature in her tactics to create even stronger wind blasts and dust storms, and dodge attacks with flight.
  • She is able to stay calm and collected even in high pressure situations, and keep those in her vicinity from doing anything stupid and rash with her rationality.
  • She's a quick thinker and an intuitive strategist, always able to form plans even when unexpected changes happen.


  • In order to utilise her quirk to full potential, she needs open space to spread her wings, thus she is severely limited in small cramped spaces and indoor battles.
  • Her moveset works best at range. While she has relatively good physical combat abilities, being unable to use her quirk properly against those who are able to at close range puts her at a serious disadvantage in the long-run.
  • Her control of her quirk for anything more than flying leaves much to be desired, and team mates/partners should be worried about getting caught in the crossfire of her wind blasts or dust storms. 
  • Her feathers are a part of her body, and while they are hardy against most physical attacks, they're sensitive towards heat, cold and electricity (basically if you burn/freeze/zap her wings, she'll feel it)

stats :

intelligence [ ■■■■■ ]
speed [ ■■■□□ ]
strength [ ■■■■□ ]
stealth [ ■□□□□ ]
stamina [ ■■■■□ ]
quirk control [ ■■■□□ ]


TOTAL: 20/20

██████ P E R S O N A L //  I N F O


+ [ confident | generous | loyal | level-headed | dedicated ] +
+ [ graceful | extravagant | competitive | secretive(?) ] +
- [ arrogant | insensitive | naive | stubborn | idealistic ] -

tl;dr generally a nice ojousama but occasionally kind of snobby
Calm, confident and poised, Tori carries herself out much like one would expect of someone born into a wealthy household. Greeting everyone with a warm smile and speaking in a gentle voice, she leaves all those who come across her path feeling like they've just be blessed by a soft, warm breath of fresh air. She is generous and appreciative to those who have earned her trust, showing friends her appreciation through words, gestures and gifts. Loyalty runs in her blood, and you would be hard pressed to find another friend that is willing to do as much as Tori does to support you through thick and thin.

Always keeping a steady grip of the situation, Tori is an extremely level-headed individual, believing that getting upset/riled up is a waste of good energy - something she needs a lot of for her quirk, and thinks it isn't worth expending time on. Rarely allowing emotions to take control of her, she may perhaps comes across as borderline unempathetic as a result. Wanting to keep her prestigious image, Tori worries a lot about how society sees her habits, choosing to try to keep a low profile when it comes to talking about herself, instead diverting topics to talking about others or making them feel good so they will drop the topic of conversation that could potentially be as simple as "What did you have for lunch?" It was 6 whole karaage bentos but like hell is she going to tell you.

Behind her air of grace however, lies someone who is dedicated to everything she does and sets her mind to - someone who will not stop until achieving her goals, and will stubbornly never take loss as an answer to anything. While that in its own is by no means a bad trait, as a result of her unrealistic expectations of herself and peers, she can occasionally come across as arrogant and insensitive to others, making it very clear when she believes others have underperformed. As a result of her upbringing and lack of exposure to society, Tori can seem idealistic and naive to more grounded people and those who are unfamiliar who think she's talking about impossible goals, targets and dreams. 


  • money $$$
  • tea - all forms!
  • quiet/peaceful places
  • wagashi (japanese sweets/desserts)
  • buying things for friends


  • cats (they all think she's a real bird, leave her alone!?)
  • being called short (she prefers the term "petite")
  • when people pluck her feathers
  • fakers/moochers/people that take advantage of her generosity
  • people that insult her family/their business


tl;dr she's the baby birb of a rich ass banker and wants to be helpful and of value to the family, but she didn't know how until seeing a pro-hero called Eagle. She got inspired by his mad flying skillz and decided that she'll help the family by becoming a pro-hero and being their symbol of power and hope.

Born as the third child and youngest child to the current CEO - Hatoyama Raichi, and powerful financial news editor - Hatoyama Yuka, Tori had everything she could have ever wanted growing up - toys, clothes, money and unconditional doting from both her parents. Her elder brother and sister were both successful investors, and there was never a single pressure for her to do anything but to study well and live a luxurious life of comfort. 

Despite being intelligent like the rest of her family from birth, it was soon clear that her quirk - a strange combination of an incomplete form of the Hatoyama Family's bird mutation and her mother's regenerative quirk, was one that would not assist her in entering a world of finance. Still, she remained thankful for the comfortable life she was given, and greatly respected her parents and siblings, wishing to one day be able to contribute to the Hatoyama Group herself.

It was when she was 10 that she flipped through TV channels and came across an up-and-coming pro hero, who went by the hero name of Eagle. She was instantly enamoured by how he used his bird-like quirk to save the day, and realised it wasn't too different from what she could do. During her play time, she began secretly practicing controlling her quirk, trying to figure out if she could do more with it, stumbling upon new things with every secret "training" sessions. 

When her parents found out, they strongly objected to it, citing that it was unladylike for someone of her status to engage in such physical activities and put herself in harm's way. They only wanted to keep her safe, but to the young Tori, it felt like they didn't trust her to be of use to the family and were undermining her talent. Despite her parents' misgivings, she continued to train in secret while keeping her school grades up, hoping to enter Yuuei Academy not through its finance course like her siblings and parents, but in its hero course.

Tori remained determined all through junior high, and eventually her parents gave in to her tenacity despite their worries. "Make the Hatoyama Family proud, become the symbol of our group", her father told her while giving her an encouraging pat on the shoulder, sending her off to her entrance exam. Determined to do just that, Tori smashed the exams (quite literally - she might have...blasted the giant robots into each other during the practicals) and was finally on her way to achieving her goals, the first Hatoyama to enter the hero course of Yuuei Academy.

dream : Tori dreams of first and foremost, being of use to her family and their financial business. While she realises she's unable to help achieve that directly, she hopes that she will be able to make a name as the Hatoyama Group's first ever pro-Hero, gaining them both publicity and reputation. While may come across as a shallow motivation to become a hero, but she truly believes in it and will stop at nothing to achieve it. She idolises the pro-hero Eagle, and hopes to be able to do what he can as a hero. UA Academy is her first step towards this dream, and she aims to at least achieve school-wide recognition.

██████ T R I V I A L //  I N F O  


  • Voice Claim: Hanazawa Kana (first two voices + her Rize voice from TG)
  • Tori actually feels bad that she doesn't have a full birdhead mutation like the rest of her family (excluding her mother) and thinks she's inadequate because of it.
  • Her butler is a 3rd year in the general course called Minoru and he would like to follow her around everywhere because he's worried but she insists she can take care of herself so he settles for just stalking watching from afar.
  • She really loves competitive gaming and esports but she'll never admit it because it it's embarrassingly "unladylike" and "brutish"...in her own words.
  • Calls her parents Mama and Papa.
  • She has a supplementary Visa Infinite credit card tied to Bank of Hatoyama Papa.
  • Despite being very smart, she struggles when it comes to statistics - a big reason why she's unsuited to work for the Hatoyama Group.
  • Her surname, Hatoyama means "dove mountain". Her first name is actually read "Touri" and means "light" and "reason/truth" - for simplicity and pun sake I'm romanising it as Tori though.


  • Spending money!!!! She often likes buying things thinking of friends and they're usually impractical (but expensive) knick knacks.
  • Ballroom dancing - Her specialty is the waltz.
  • Reading - her favourite genre is psychological mystery/horror, but she also enjoys romance.
  • Collecting coins
  • Gaming & e-Sports

██████ R P  //  I N F O  

[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

I enjoy all kinds of interaction so please don't be afraid to hit me up at any time!!
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i love her quirk-- and basically everything about her !!
good luck in applying for bp, i believe in you !!!
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