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[YH] Eric by sealartonline [YH] Eric by sealartonline
I literally don't even have time for this why am I here....


"Oh hello there, it sure is a lovely day today. It'd probably be lovelier if the air I was breathing wasn't contaminated by your existence though~♪"

Name: Lin, Eric (Wei-Ren) 林维仁
Gender: M
Year: 3
Age: 17
Birthday: July 11
Height: 5ft 9in | 175cm
Race: Chinese
Nationality: American/Taiwanese (holds American & Taiwanese passports)
Sexuality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



"Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."

+ [ perceptive | charismatic | sociable(?) | intelligent | patient ] +
+ [ calm | secretive | curious ] +
- [ manipulative | ruthless | proud | distant | workaholic | possessive] -

Brought up as an only child and heir to a multi-national business firm, Eric has always carried himself with the utmost grace and politeness on the surface, his calm and gentle demeanor being instantly what people associate with him, even if you try to say otherwise. His innate perceptiveness coupled with his natural way with words allows him to charm even the most unsociable person, and he makes it his own personal goal to do so. He is extremely intelligent and quick-witted, and is not afraid to learn new things and information, welcoming any and all new information that can increase his knowledge and understanding of the world. He is also extremely patient, willing to assist others altruistically (or so it seems) in studies or anything they might be struggling with, and will very rarely react towards provocations...unless the result of doing so is more "entertaining". 

Hiding under his calm demeanor however, is a manipulative and egotistical individual who wants nothing other than to watch the world burn, and laugh while doing so. Due to his upbringing, he unfortunately, sees himself as "better" than others, and human interactions to him is like playing an intense game of chess, calculating how his every move will affect the outcome. He makes use of his charisma to charm people, only to then stab them in the back purely for his own entertainment, the ensuing reactions satisfying his morbid curiosity.

While Eric is an expert at getting others to open up to him, he struggles himself with the concept of opening up and talking to others on a personal level, often being extremely vague when people attempt to touch on sensitive and personal topics, instead offering them what he thinks they would like to hear. It can be said that he is hardworking, however his habits tend towards workaholic, and he is unable to stop what he's doing until he feels that he has completed the task, which often results in him unintentionally skipping meals and sleep, though only his closest friends (if he even has any) would realise under his cool composure.

Should Eric come to care about someone on a deeper level, it is rare that he would ever admit it, choosing to see them as "prized toys" that belong to him, but he does have a tendency to be possessive and overprotective, and anyone who tries to take away his (few) friends and family should probably count their days numbered, because (Eric voice) "No one is allowed the fun of destroying my precious toys except me ^^"

tl;dr don't talk to this guy he's like walking cancer smh


tl;dr Born in America to a wealthy family as an only son, moved back to Taiwan, found Taiwan extremely boring and uneventful, so he experimented with starting shit, which resulted in him getting into a fist fight with a group of thugs from his previous school (he won). His parents, worried about him getting involved with the wrong crowd, decided to have him attend high school in a different town under the supervision of a close family friend, in hopes that a new environment where he wasn't coddled day and night by his elite parents and family attendants would help him grow up, tho really he just continued to do the same shit because why would you trust a shitlord to reform himself omg.


Eric was born on a fine summer's day in the hustle and bustle of New York City to two loving Taiwanese entrepreneurs in their mid-30s. His father was the CEO of an international food & beverage franchise, and his mother was the director and editor of a well known women's fashion magazine, and they had both been dreaming of finally having a child and starting a family after years of happy marriage. From Day 1, Eric was doted upon and spoilt like a prince, receiving both plenty of attention as well as gifts and presents from his (very rich) parents, delighted to finally have a bundle of joy to call their own. He attended a private kindergarten and elementary school in New York, though still took private Mandarin classes at the insistent of his parents, with them always citing that he had to keep true to his routes as a Taiwanese, and that knowing Mandarin would only benefit him in the future no matter what career he decided to pursue. Despite all the attention, Eric was a mild-mannered and clever child, never demanding much from his parents (who still gave him the world irregardless of this), and learnt everything thrown at him without much struggles. Still, there was something that bothered him even at such a young age - that everything in life easily.

It was when he finished 6th grade that his parents felt it was the right time for them to move back to Taiwan to further expand their businesses - his father intending to buy over more companies to add to his franchise, and his mother hoping to start a Mandarin edition of her magazine when Eric's life faced the biggest change ever. He had only ever visited Taiwan over summer vacations in the past, but living there? With people that don't speak English? Needless to say, he was not the happiest about it, but he was also not old enough to stay behind in America alone, and his parents were against the idea of sending him to a boarding school in a country so far away from where they were. His parents, worried that sending him to an international school would make it difficult for him to assimilate in his home country, instead chose to enroll him in a private escalator secondary school in Taipei.

Teens being teens however, alienated Eric when he entered the school, a weird foreign student who spoke Mandarin with an accent and didn't understand the cultural norms and trends of junior high school teens in Taiwan. This didn't particularly affect Eric much as he himself had no real interest in befriending anyone, instead choosing to observe others and their habits - perhaps this was the start of his anti-social tendencies that would manifest itself in a much greater way as he grew older. He soon realised that depending on what he said, people would react to him differently, and it started to become a bit of a game to him to see what reactions he could get out of others, who were slowly starting to warm up to him in part due to him playing a charming and friendly character, as well as the fact that he was starting to break out of his awkward pre-teen stage into a good looking young man as he approached his third year of middle school, garnering attention from girls and boys alike.

Bored of the monotony of his life, he started developing a twisted interest in testing how far people would "tolerate" him if he he pushed all the wrong buttons after befriending them, and how far he could convince people to do things for him. This earned him a fairly bad reputation amongst his peers, and it wasn't surprising at all that a group of thugs eventually had enough and decided to pick a fight with him. While initially just responding to their taunting by avoiding their attacks and responding back with words, the thugs eventually decided to all gang up on him. This would have ended rather badly if it wasn't the fact that Eric was trained in karate, and resulted in all of them getting destroyed instead, though earning Eric a two-week suspension, a rumour about him secretly being the son of a mafia boss, and endless berating from his parents for getting into a fight.

Worried that Eric was mixing with the wrong crowd, his parents decided to contact a close family friend in a nearby small neighbourhood, and had Eric move there and attend the local Yinhe High School, hoping that a new environment away from the pressure of city life and their doting would help him grow up. It also worked out better for his parents as they traveled frequently for work, and were increasingly concerned that leaving him unsupervised was the reason he was starting to "turn to the dark side". Eric didn't particularly object to it, already bored with the crowd in his existing school, and decided to go along with the transfer, happy to have freedom away from his family and a new "playground" to explore.

And thus he continued his high school years away from the city, though not particularly turning over a new leaf, as he continued to curb his boredom by playing with "people".



   ♥ Martial Arts (see trivia for more info)
   ♥ Calligraphy
   ♥ Tea
   ♥ Xiao Long Bao
   ♥ People watching
   ♥ Winter
   ♥ Winning
   ♥ destruction of the school from inside out
   × Spring (he's allergic to pollen.....)
   × Unpredictable people
   × Dubstep
   × Team sports
   × Losing
   × Having nothing to do

  • He has a 2-dan black belt in Karate, and is also currently learning Wushu. He also has an interest in Western martial arts like Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing and hopes to learn those too.
  • Growing up in New York, his Mandarin writing skills are passable at best, though he struggles with stuff outside of what he's generally expected to know (Creative Writing and Literature are his worst subjects). His spoken Mandarin is fluent enough, though he has a bad habit of replacing words with English when he can't remember.
  • Apart from English and Mandarin, he can also sort of speak the Taiwanese dialect (mostly because of his grandparents), and also a bit of Japanese (JLPT N3 level).
  • His morning routine involves waking up 45 minutes before he has to go, a quick shower, 10 minutes on his hair (listen, that volume doesn't come naturally my fam) and skimming the news on his tablet (who even reads real newspapers these days smh) while eating a slice of buttered toast and drinking a glass of coffee. If he ever skips breakfast, he will be uncharacteristically irritable and short-tempered for the rest of the day, so please try to feed him if you see him like this...!
  • He is a compulsive shopper, both online and offline, and tends to spend (and spend a lot) when he's bored and has nothing to do. 
  • Being the son of a fashion editor, he is always up to date with fashion, and it's unlikely you'll ever catch him wearing anything that's last season (he's probably thrown them out and bought new stuff already - see the point above ^)
  • He's surprisingly conservative, and while he enjoys breaking hearts, he would never cheat on someone if involved in them (there are other ways to make someone he likes suffer, heh), and also tends to shy away from conversation with sexual undertones.
  • When he was younger, his mother used to put him in dresses because she never did have a second child, so IT'LL HAVE TO DO (he was pretty cute too). She still buys and sends him random female attire and accessories, of which he...buries at the back of his closet.
  • He has a pet rabbit that he calls "Little Demon" (xiao gui), because it seemingly enjoys biting people affectionately.
  • He doesn't actually know how to use public transport, gdi rich kids.
  • The family friend he is living with was his father's high school friend, a kind-natured middle aged divorcee whose children have grown up, and thus was living alone prior to Eric's transfer. She doesn't particularly watch him much apart from making dinner for him and making sure he doesn't stay out too late, believing that he needed to learn independence especially knowing how his parents babied him his whole life.


[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

[ example ] brb

[ comfort zone ] I am weak to romance, but I tend to employ a "if it happens, it happens" policy and chemistry is super important to me! Pleased do feel free to talk to me after our kids have gotten to know each other and you think there's a possibility, and if it feels right we can go from there though! I also really love angst, "failshipping" and one-sided pining, so if you ever wanna try that, I am here for you my dude. I would also like to remind people that my OC's opinion is NOT my opinion, so please do not take anything that he says as a personal attack on you or your OC, because this particular one is kind of a menace. Also please no random sexual harassment...onegai.... (more info @ Comfort Meme
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