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[MNK] Who the heck is Rick?? ? ? ?
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hhahha...get it...riku...rick...i'm so funny...

Uncropped Art: 
[MNK] Song of Healing by sealartonline

Fullbody ref coming...eventually (maybe never if im lazy).

Name: Rick

Age: 24

Continent of Origin: Arteia

Race: Human

Class: Support - Song Mage

Shihiri Nature: Vesi

Team: Covfefe


[Lux Sanitatem] A song of healing. Casts a 60 second regenerative healing spell on all friendly allies.

[Ex Animo Forti] A song of empowerment. Casts a 60 second attack and defense buff on all friendly allies.

[Canticum Pluvian] A song of rain. Casts a 120 second rain shower, reducing the speed and defenses of all enemies in the target area. Party members are unaffected by the magic. Can be modified to be a heavier rain when the song is sung faster (and thus, reducing the total cast time by half to double the power).

Note: Song magic is a style of magic that casts continuously while the caster is singing. As such, the caster is completely vulnerable to attacks during a song, and a song and all its effects can be cut short if he is disrupted or attacked. Song magic is also only applicable to people who can hear the words clearly, and as such, the further away someone is, the less effective its powers are.

Rick was born as the youngest son to a family with a history in the art of song magic, passed down for generations. Song magic was initially a tribute to Loumine, and in turn receiving her blessings in the form of powerful magic. It takes many years to study, and is not a style of magic that everyone has a natural aptitude for, however is extremely powerful and has a wide casting area. In olden days, song mages were revered and treated with great respect, as they had culled many droughts and fires, and helped bring fertility to land by summoning rain, or by healing their sick, and were compensated for their services that they had provided out of the kindness of their hearts, to protect their people. However, all of this was lost over time, and with the changing tides and development of new technology to harness the power of shihiri, the difficult and highly technical art of song magic was slowly taken for granted by the people of Arteia.

While Rick's family slowly adapted, learning modern magic and taking on normal jobs in order to feed and provide for themselves, Rick refused to give up on his culture, deciding that if song magic wasn't appreciated in Arteia any longer, then he would just have to search elsewhere for work, refusing to give up on the art that he had spent his whole life dedicated to. He thus began travelling as a mercenary, initially taking on smaller jobs until his reputation as a powerful healer and support mage began to spread. He sang songs for the weary travelers (for money), he sang songs to heal wounds (for money), songs to raise spirits (for money), and songs to drown enemies (you got it, for money). 

It was during one of his jobs that he overheard about how the Aeseran Guild compensated its guild members handsomely, that he contemplated perhaps stopping by, intrigued by the adventure (and money) that awaited.

- Song magic involves not only singing a specific chant, but also a dance ritual. 
- Ayane was his ex, and they had originally met when he was on his travels. They broke up on (mostly) friendly terms, though they still squabble as always.
- He literally will not work unless there's compensation, and this has resulted in unsavoury rumours of him being spread to the tone of "will do anything for money"
- He had no intention of staying in the guild when he realised it was pro-bono unless you actually sealed the deal, but got swept away by the team that eventually became his party members.
- His family won't talk to him anymore because he's "tainted the beauty of song magic with impure intentions".
- His staff does absolutely nothing as song magic is activated through one's soul, with external shihiri providing amplification for casting range. His staff just gives him more "credibility" as a mage, or so he says, so he uses it as a prop.
- His Vesi shihiri gem is attached to the clasp on his cape.
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