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MNK - Tsuru by sealartonline MNK - Tsuru by sealartonline

why did i write so much……


Name: Tsurugasaki Riku (鶴ヶ崎 陸) [Stage name: TSURU]
Age: 18
Birthday: December 24 (Capricorn)
Year: 3rd
Student Type: STAR (Idol Band Vocalist)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10 | 178cm
Club: Archery



+ [ calm(?) | charismatic | confident | sociable | ambitious ] +
- [ quick-tempered | manipulative | judgemental | impatient | petty ] -
tl;dr to most people he’s super nice idolkun but really that’s 95% a lie and he secretly pretty sadistic and hates everyone and wants to step on them.

At first glance, Riku is a friendly, charismatic and well-mannered individual. While he's never one to break the ice, he will always respond in kind, offering a helping hand to those in need, with the smile and grace of an angel. He is rarely flustered, and always offers sound advice and support even in heated situations. The stark contrast between his prince-like nature and his cool stage presence is a huge reason for his and his band’s popularity amongst young ladies.

Almost all of that however, is a cover-up image built for him by his company in order to make him more marketable. Riku has absolute confidence in his abilities (and good looks), which unfortunately is a double-edge sword that borders on overconfidence, and often results in him being quick to judge others as incompetent without giving them a second chance. He is extremely competitive, and will stop at nothing to reach the top - not even if it means manipulating others or stepping on people's emotions. He also has a quick temper and is fairly impatient, often seen tapping his feet or clenching his fists in an attempt to not punch someone he's irritated with (Gotta keep up the nice guy facade). But as a result of his overwhelming ego, he doesn't take to rejection and defeat easily, first throwing fits (privately, of course), then holding grudges that he rarely lets go of.

He is generally careful when it comes to protecting his image, though he drops his act once he's been busted by a fellow student - no point playing nice once they know it's fake after all, and who are his fans really going to believe - their idol, or some random kid claiming that he’s a fake?

As a result of constantly living with both of his personas, he struggles with expressing how he truly feels about others, often defaulting to insulting or teasing people he actually cares about.
tl;dr baby son of a normal family but strikingly good looking and smart, joined a school band as a backup and got rly popular, band wanted to go pro but no one wanted the whole group so he was like "seeyanara" and went his own way, auditioned for a few and finally one was like "hey we'll let u be a band vocalist...for an idol band" and he's still lowkey salty because he wants to ROCK and not, film toothpaste commercials. anyway, because he was so busy he almost failed high school so he was transferred to Eisei since they have a special celebrity course.

Born as the youngest of 4 to an average family of average income source, life was pretty much as average as possible for Riku growing up in Chiba. However, due to him having somehow or another achieved the ultimate genepool in his parents’ lineage (his parents and siblings were not nearly as fortunate), he had been good looking and intelligent since youth, which he realised he could use to bribe people to give him what he wanted with at an age too young for such cunningness (he was about 6). Nevertheless, being the baby of the family meant he could practically get away with murder with just a small “Don't do it again”, which allowed for him to continue to develop his charisma and negotiation skills throughout his childood.

It wasn't until middle school where his good looks started to garner the attention of girls (and bitter glares from the boys), though he generally didn't pay much attention to it. In his 2nd year of middle school, a few guys in his class begged him to fill in for their injured vocalist for the class band for the school talent show, and he agreed since they promised to buy him lunch for a week. Whilst no one really expected him to be amazing - it was good enough to make him sparkle on stage and get the cute girls in school to watch after all, it turned out that singing was perhaps his true calling, and he naturally took to it and assisted the band in a successful performance, winning them the talent show to boot.

The band subsequently continued to play together with Riku and did a few small gigs (wherever 14-15 year old kids were allowed to jam, that is). Their leader, desperate for recognition, submitted their demo tapes to a few places, but it turned out that most of them were only interested in Riku (for his good looks and singing ability). Whilst the rest of the band had agreed to reject all the offers in order to continue to play together, Riku grew increasingly impatient. He didn’t understand why he was the one having to sacrifice all his chances just to stay friends and eventually decided to leave the band and go his own way (though after betraying his band, he pretty much severed his friendship with them, not that it ever bothered him).

With his family’s blessing (Or rather “You should do what you want while you’re young before settling down”), he started auditioning for numerous talent companies and record labels. Whilst most wanted him to join their generic pop idol groups and programmes, Riku wasn’t interested in it, wanting more than anything to sing in a band and pursue rock once again. Eventually, after much hunting, he was picked up by an agency that was willing to select him to be a part of their new “idol band” initiative, in order to promote different types of idols. While reluctant at first, he figured it would be a decent stepping stone of sorts in order to pursue music for real in the future. He took up the offer, first entering their rigorous training, before being finally placed into a band with a fellow trainee that he got along well with.

As their band steadily gained popularity and increased their workload, Riku, now a high schooler, found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the minimum attendance required at his original school, ultimately leading him to not achieving enough credits to “pass” his 1st year. His management, realising the burden they had placed on him because of this, immediately consulted their long time partners, Eisei Academy in order to arrange for him to be transferred directly as a 2nd year (of course, after Eisei had assessed his academic ability to be capable of handling the level of study) to their special programme for young celebrities. Riku didn’t particularly hate the transfer since he never had a strong attachment to his existing school, and the comfort of a secluded private school meant that the students were used to being around celebrities and he didn’t have to deal with screaming fangirls all day long. And thus Riku continues to juggle his idol career alongside aiming to complete his 3rd year and attend a prestigious university as the “back-up plan” that he had promised his family in order to convince them to allow him to continue his idol career.



  • Anime & Manga
  • Games, specifically JRPG, FPS, Mobage
  • Singing
  • Playing the guitar
  • J-rock (Fav bands: RADWIMPS, BUMP OF CHICKEN, amazarashi)
  • Ramen (Especially Miso Ramen)
  • His manager
  • Girls (it's not gynophobia, just a function of association with screaming fangirls, pls be patient with him...)
  • People touching him (how dare they spread their idiocy smh)
  • Shinkai movies. He thinks they're overrated, but watches them anyway so he can complain about it on twitter.
  • His birthday (why Christmas Eve, the grosses couple day in the entire of Japan!?)
  • Cats
  • Voice: Sakurai Takahiro (1 (~0:40s) 2) | Singing: Panaman
  • His band is called Wolf&Crane based on the 2 original members' names (Tsuru is the crane, Rou is the wolf) and the old English fable, "The Wolf and the Crane". The band consists of TSURU on vocals, Rou on lead guitar, HAMA on bass and Misa on drums, while almost all their songs are produced and composed by other composers (occasionally TSURU and Rou contribute lyrics or melody ideas).
  • His band’s style is probably something like balloon because i wanted it to be (sample: the singing voice sample ^ and also 1 2)
  • He's affectionately known to his fans as Tsurucchi, Tsuru-chan, Tsururun, Rikkun, Ricchan, amongst others (He lowkey hates them all, especially Tsururun)
  • His hair is actually lightly bleached and dyed purple, however under normal lighting it looks almost black. It shows up under sunlight as auburn, and only looks purple in bright (stage) lighting.
  • As stated earlier, he's a closet otaku. He enjoys all genres of anime, manga and games, though he does have a soft spot for mecha series and classic JRPGs. He would also rather die than let anyone find out (though I'm pretty sure most 3rd years already know), and you will definitely not find his secret figure collection on those "Visit Your Favourite Idol!" variety shows because he has a special closet room for them that he always tells them is the broom closet.
  • He lives alone in a fairly high end apartment in the Omotesando area, and is procifient enough at looking after himself (Listen, he can cook fried rice, omurice and Japanese curry, which is more than the average high school guy).
  • He’s been dying to do an opening song for a sports anime since he joined the band. When will Haikyuu pick him!!11!!1
  • He is a Twitter addict. He goes by the online alias of Ritsu (リツ) and mostly uses it to keep up with converse about animanga and mobage. He sometimes posts videos of his game accomplishments, and has a following of approximately 2000 followers. He's popular for tweeting in a cute style with a lot of emoji, often being mistaken as a girl online.
  • He most definitely whales on mobage………especially when he's had a bad day (which is, let's face it, most days)
  • He can actually dance, as he underwent standard idol dance training (though since day 1 he had complained and insisted he didn’t want to be in a normal idol group).
  • The only reason he failed to pass the 1st year in his existing school was just because he didn’t show up for their assessment exams, however his record at Eisei has always been consistently within the top 5-10 of the year in terms of grades.


[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

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