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[KiraDays] Miwa Santa by sealartonline [KiraDays] Miwa Santa by sealartonline


Name:  Miwa, Santa (三輪 燦太)
Gender: Male
Year:  3
Course: Idol
Attribute Performance
Unit: Maborocity

Birthday: 12/25
Height: 178cm | 5'10"

Club: Student Council (Vice President), Anime & Manga Research Club
Part-Time Job: Yamada's Bakery


+ [ sociable | cheerful | creative ] +
+ [ pacifist | spontaneous | disorganised ] + 
- [ indecisive | flighty | insecure ] -

On the surface, Santa is a sociable individual, putting away the worries and qualms of others with his cheerful disposition and humour. He tries his best to be everyone's friend, and though that might be theoretically impossible, it doesn't stop him. As a result of him overextending himself however, he may come across as flakey and indecisive due to his pacifist nature, choosing to skirt around important decisions or arguments, giving half-hearted responses or passing the responsibility to others so that he doesn't have to do so himself. Being naturally blessed with an affinity to music, Santa is always full of creative ideas, often spouting unrealistically ideal concepts or diving right into composing whenever inspiration strikes. His sponteneity however, tends to lead to his notes or ideas being kept in a mess, and his inability to keep his thoughts organised in a logical way often comes across as irritating or impossible to understand to everyone who interacts with him.

Deep inside however, lies a boy with abandonment issues who has always craved for attention and love from those around him, both as a person and for his talents. While he puts his greatest effort to keep anyone from worrying about him, he is extremely insecure about his relationships with others and how they perceive him, often overthinking and jumping to the worst conclusions.

P.S: For interaction purposes, especially those who are not first years, 
- Santa as a 1st/2nd year was mostly like air, and while similar to his current personality, mostly kept to himself with not much prescence. It's not entirely unlikely for your kid to not even have known he existed in those two years.

- Santa as a 3rd year in the "previous year" of KiraDays timeline was kind of a hardass and a lot stricter/sassier/intimidating. He was double the level of intimidating to most younger students due to the fact he was also the Student Council President that year. More will be explained under background for the personality changes.

tl;dr he was born in a shotgun marriage, his mum ran away, his dad is a terrible dad that kept remarrying, his first stepmum was awful and his second one was like practically his age, he found music as a way to escape, enrolled into yumenosaki and ended up invited to join a popular unit and getting elected as stuco pres, tho he was kind of demotivated when his senpais graduated so he was rly useless for an entire year and made really stupid choices. the school made him repeat the year bc they believe he can solve the problems he created when he was pres, and HERE WE ARE!!!! p.s. this bio was exactly 999 words long, we did it fam.


Santa was born into this world on a cold Christmas morning as a result of poor family planning between two fresh university graduates, too young to truly support their own relationship, nevermind a child. His mother gave up her pursuit to be a travel journalist in order to raise him, while his father went into the work force in order to support them. Santa rarely saw his father, and whenever he did, it was always accompanied with an argument with his mother. Though his mother tried her best to stay strong, eventually she had enough and ran away, leaving behind a set of signed divorce papers. Too young to truly understand what was going on, all that Santa understood was that his mother had abandoned him, and left him and his father all alone.

With plenty of money but a failed marriage and a young child in hand, Santa's father wanted a fresh start for both of them, and decided to move to a peaceful town in the Kansai region. Santa's father tried to involve himself a little bit more with Santa's life, but seven years of neglect had already started setting in, which resulted in a quiet and awkward relationship between the two of them. Due to his father being a working single father, Santa was left to his own devices a lot, and he grew up to be fairly independent and adventurous. It was then that Santa met Tachibana Yuuma and Kaori, his next door neighbours who would become his good friends and support as he grew up in this town.

It was a couple of years later that Santa's father introduced a new woman in his life that was to be his second wife. Though she initially acted kind towards Santa, her true colours as a gold digger began to show not long after the marriage. She insulted his intelligence, stole from his allowance, refused to feed him when his father wasn't home, and spent a lot of time out of home. Santa began spending an increasing amount of time with the Tachibana's to escape from his home, and his relationship with his own father began to worsen as his father continued to put faith in his new wife. He would attend the local school idol lives together with Yuuma, and starstruck by the excitement and energy of idols, they too, decided that they would pursue this path in their life when they were older. Santa began discovering his passion for songwriting and composing as he wrote songs to express himself, putting to use the years of music class his father had made him attend to create fun tunes for him and Yuuma to sing along to.

It was roughly around the time Santa was 13 that his father finally caught whiff of his wife's cheating habits and decided to end the marriage, though old habits die hard as it wasn't long before his father fell head over heels for a younger local girl who was closer to Santa's age than his own, and began dating her again once again, marrying her in less than a year after they had begun dating, and soon after having three beautiful triplet daughters. Santa tried his best to get along with his new stepmother, but the awkwardness of only having a 10 years age difference meant that she struggled to related to him, and he didn't particularly see her as a motherly figure. He absolutely adored his new baby sisters though, finally family that would love him unconditionally for the amount of love he doted on them.

Instead, he devoted his attention to composition and music, and finally enrolled into the Idol Course at Yumenosaki for high school. He struggled to make much of an impression in first year, being too shy and lacking in prescence, spending majority of it composing songs for other units for some pocket money for future unit funds. He remained positive however, knowing that his best friend Yuuma would be joining the following year, and hoped that they could form a unit together. Life works in strange ways however, for it was in his second year that a couple of third years in one of the top 10 units at the time, found some songs composed by Santa and invited him to join their unit, Re:Verse. Initially hesitant, with encouragement from Yuuma and the strong praise he received from his seniors, he joined their unit, though mostly focused on composition and remained out of the spotlight even in unit activities. He was excited to finally be achieving his dreams of being in an idol unit, well loved by the public, and appreciated by his unit members who praised his composing, saying it was the reason they rose even further.

Eventually, his kind nature and friendliness won over the other students, and he was nominated and appointed as the Student Council President for the following year. Upon his seniors graduation, they entrusted the future of the group to him as they pursued their future careers, though that was to have been the biggest mistake ever, as without the guidance and support of his seniors, Santa soon lost focus and inspiration, never recruiting any additional members and instead focusing on just maintaining the status quo so that his one-man show wouldn't get disbanded, channeling most of his energy into the Student Council, approving multiple extravagant DreamFes that eventually drove the school into some uh, issues. Being a fairly autonomous academy, the school instructed him to repeat the year while remaining in the Student Council in order to make him fix the problems that he caused with his poor choices that he had insisted were good. Santa had not much objections about it, personally not wanting to face the real world just yet, especially when he had just met someone who reignited his passion to write songs, and thus here he is once again, to fix his mistakes and relive his third year the right way.

+ The number three (3)
+ Composing
+ Being praised/complimented
+ Rain showers
+ Food: Pizza, Onigiri

- Music blocks
- Being told he can't have 3 of something smh
- Loneliness
- Conflict
- Winter (It's cold and reminds him of sad things like his birth)

  • Speaking CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki | Singing CV: Eve [1 | 2 | 3]
  • He has a habit of collecting things related to the number 3, including three-sided things (e.g. triangles), as well as collecting things in 3. The habit started because of his triplet half-sisters, and gradually became an escapist quirk of his.
  • He can play the guitar and piano to an acceptable level, which he uses to help compose songs.
  • He's not particularly the most amazing at singing/dancing (In fact, he used to be terrible at dancing), his good looks and his composition skills being his only saving grace as an idol
  • He's extremely good at domestic housework such as cooking and cleaning, due to assisting his stepmother with his half siblings.
  • His previous unit was called Re:Verse and probably sounded and looked kind of like this.
  • He tends to get very inspired to write songs when it's raining.
  • Hearing Kaito singing along secretly to Cruel Angel's Thesis at school brought inspiration back to him, and was part of the reason he was excited to get a second chance at third year, and work with the captivating voice that had ended his long writer's block.
  • Childhood friends with Tachibana Yuuma & Kaori!

RP Methods & Timezone:
[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

I enjoy all kinds of interaction so please don't be afraid to hit me up at any time!!
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