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[I--N] Kiku
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Published: November 19, 2017
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Name: Kiku
Age: 19
Gender: Male (Demigirl)
Height / Weight: 5'7" | 140 lbs
Species: Human
Date of Birth: October 27th
Nationality: Hoshido
Pronouns: he > she > they (in order of preference)


Starting Class: Diviner
Starting Weapon: Horse Spirit
Weapon Proficiency: D
Unique Skill: 
Winds of Provocation - Allies within a 2 tile radius deal 3 extra damage during battles
LVL: 1 | HP: 22
STR: 1 | MAG: 10 | SKL: 6 | SPD: 8
LCK: 10 | DEF: 5 | RES: 5 | MOV: 5



+ [ sociable | adventurous | courageous | open-minded ] +
+ [ mischievous | childish | impulsive | curious] +
- [ egotistical | self-centered | non-committal | short attention span] -
A high-spirited individual that loves to have fun, Kiku is always open to new ideas and concepts, and always willing to try new activities and explore new things - anything that will satisfy his unending curiosity. As part and parcel of his mischievous personality, he's always cracking practical jokes on friends and foes, his actions always tending a little towards the impulsive side.

Unfortunately, due to his "princess"-like spoilt upbringing, he will always first and foremost put himself over anyone else, with a strong sense of pride in his own abilities. While Kiku is rarely seen truly angry, he can often be seen throwing little tantrums over inconsequential things not going his way or to his liking. Despite the innate courage he possesses to face danger, he tends to be non-committal, especially towards conflict, preferring to move to the beat of his own drum, and calculating when the effort exerted is potentially more than whatever rewards he will reap from it (whether intrinsic or otherwise). Due to his need to constantly be stimulated, he comes across as having a short attention span and lacks attention to detail, which can drive more meticulous people up the wall.

tl;dr young spoilt boy from average family finds the magic in him, is trained to harness it, grows up apathetic towards the war. he gets roped up in a bandit attack and tries to fight them (and fails) but it's ok cuz the Hoshidan army came to save the day. They fed his ego and told him he'd be great in the army, so he decides to see for himself what the War was really like.


Kiku was born as the youngest of four to an average household in a small Hoshidan village. His father, a samurai enlisted in the Army would never live to meet him however, as he was fatally wounded on the battlefield. Despite the difficulties, Kiku's mother continued to raise her family by working multiple jobs. Being the only son in a house full of ladies and lacking a fatherly figure, it became second nature to him to pick up on their habits, traits and choices as he grew up. As the youngest, he had always been blessed by the hard work of his mother and sisters, spoiled like the little princess that he was, with nothing much expected out of him other than to live a happy childhood.

It wasn't long however, before his family realised he had an affinity with spells, what with him casting practical jokes all around the village and causing quite a stir. Worrying about his endless curiosity possibly leading to more trouble, his eldest sister decided to ask the village Onmyouji for assistance in training him to use his skill in more practical ways. Initially, Kiku wanted nothing to do with the training as it was "boring" and tiresome, constantly sneaking out to have fun instead. As he grew up and learnt how to control his spellcasting however, he mellowed out and instead channeled his curiosity into learning about more powerful spells and their uses.

As a teenager, it soon began impossible for Kiku to feign ignorance towards the war, hearing more and more everyday about it and the Nohrians. He couldn't fathom why anyone would subject themselves to such horrors, and found his own father foolish to have done so when he could have stayed home and perhaps been alive still. Instead, he chose to remain in the village when his other friends began enlisting in the war, and was soon assisting the Onmyouji with charms and spells around town, deciding it was better not to stray from safety.

One fine day he was tasked with what should have been a simple mission to cast a protection charm for one of the village's farmers who lived just outside of the main village area. Unfortunately for him, what greeted him was chaos - a group of Nohrian bandits had pilfered the farm's goods and set it aflame, with the farmer who lived there begging for mercy. Initially hesitating on whether he should go back to ask for help, he decided that it would be too late and bravely (or rather, foolishly) charged in. His powers were but a mere distraction however, and soon the bandits had shifted their attention towards him. Just as he was thinking this might be how his life ends, the Hoshidan Army came in to their aid. It turns out that they were coincidentally hunting down this particular group of bandits and had arrived just in time...unlike some of the other villages. A diviner in the crew that had come to their assist complimented Kiku on his skills despite never facing such danger before, saying he would be a great help to the army if he had the right training in offensive magic, before she headed her way back with the army.

While initially filled with doubt, after discussion with his family, he decided to join the army to repay his debt and as thanks for protecting his village. While he still didn't fully understand why they had to go to war, he figured he'd find out soon enough.

+ Being complimented
+ Small animals (...and small cute people too)
+ Sweets
+ Sharing food/sweets with friends
+ Festivals
+ Sunny weather

- Dirt
- Rain storms
- Slimy stuff (yes that includes you natto, you fiend.)
- Studying/Training (yuck)
- Long speeches/lectures (zzz)
- The War


Japanese: Murase Ayumu
English: tbc

  • Kiku doesn't actually have a strong affinity towards Hoshido and will talk to Nohrians just fine as long as they don't present hostile towards him.
  • He's absolutely terrible at any kind of chore except maybe sweeping, seeing as the village Onmyouji made him do it a lot as punishment for skiving lessons.
  • He's vegetarian because animals are friends not food :T
  • Always carries around some form of sweets on him (usually konpeito since it's light and easy to bring around).
  • The flower pin he wears in his hair is a handcrafted accessory from his mother of the flower he was named after - the chrysanthemum flower. He wears it always as a reminder of his family and feels uneasy when he does not have it with him.
  • Hair Ref!

RP Methods & Timezone:
[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

I enjoy all kinds of interaction so please don't be afraid to hit me up at any time!!

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Hello pure flower child please be friends with my purple ninja

He will take u to training!
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GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA toshimama....pls guide him well.........
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chus hanae-chan
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Grats on getting in! He's gorgeous! His personality seems super fun to rp with~
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late but thank you!!!! can't wait to have more fun with him!
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pants from hell
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