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[HC] Min-jae by sealartonline [HC] Min-jae by sealartonline
im dyin scoob


▷ Name: Kim, Min-Jae 
▷ Age: 21
▷ Birthday: April 16
▷ Zodiac: Taurus
▷ Height: 177cm
▷ Weight: 72kg
▷ Orientation: ¿?

▷ Department(s): Acting (Main) / Vocal (Sub)
▷ Dream: 
Minjae dreams of someday playing a lead role in a musical stage play and touring the world while pursuing his dream career, maybe getting to meet his greatly respected idols in the industry.
▷ Dorm Room: Roommates with Haeil


+ [ friendly | passionate | empathetic | calm | perceptive ] +
+ [ fake | socially awkward ] +
- [ insecure | moody | indecisive | self-depracative | clingy ] -


At face value, Min-jae carries himself out as a friendly nice guy, always willing to break the ice and lend a hand to anyone who needs it. He is a good listener, preferring to listen to others over talking about himself. While he wasn't born into talent like many others, he doesn't let that hinder his goals, working hard and passionately to achieve them, never accepting failure as an answer to anything he attempts. He carries himself off calmly, never hastily jumping to decisions or conclusions. Being highly perceptive to others' feelings, and can quickly change his tone or line of conversation to match their mood and diffuse tensions.

His friendly facade is merely an act however, a mask to cover up for his more insecure true self. Struggling with his past trauma (see biography), he pretends to play the part of a nice person so that he doesn't have to deal with being targeted for bullying or treated as an outcast like he once was before. His facade is his image of an "ideal self", and in fact acting it out 24/7 drains him to the point of retreating into a ball of misery when he has been exposed to too much social interaction in a day, often lashing out at others and taking out his frustrations on them unintentionally when in this state. He tends to go beyond modesty, and self-deprecates and focuses on his negatives, constantly rejecting any praise given, choosing to laugh it off. It is through this strong belief that he isn't good enough that he finds his drive to improve, but as a result he is never satisfied with himself.

In an attempt to appease everyone, he is usually unable to make decisions even when pertaining himself, and can come across as indecisive, pushing decisions onto others or skirting around answering it straight. As a result of his inherent fear of abandonment, he may at times come across a bit desperate to keep hold of attention from people he's interacted with, trying too hard to be of use to them or like what they're interested in so that they won't throw him aside.

tl;dr he's just really socially awkward please be nice to him even when he might be an angry potato sometimes i promise he's a good friend (tho he's a little bit fake...just a little... understatement of the year)



tl;dr introverted with interests that caused him to be isolated, bullied from primary through to middle school, transferred schools multiple times, found his voice in acting and the rest is history


Born as the second and youngest child of two middle-upper class citizens, Min-jae had everything a growing child could possibly need - loving parents, a caring environment, and a good relationship with his older sister. Since young, despite his quietness, he was always quick to pick up on new information and highly perceptive to emotions around him, and his parents were proud that their son was so intelligent. From a very young age, he developed a hobby of reading, and instead of making friends like most preschoolers would choose to do so, he tended to sit in quiet corners and read whatever new book of interest he had found. The other children found him strange and stopped trying to approach him, finding his interests uninteresting and unengaging. For young Min-jae, it wasn't that he didn't want to make friends, but that he couldn't grasp social cues required to do so, and he settled for quietly watching everyone else have fun instead.

His introverted behaviour took a toll on him eventually, and it was in primary school when he was first subjected ostracism, ignored by classmates and left out of group activities and projects, treated like something contagious and gossiped about. He decided to ignore it, telling himself it wasn't a big deal and not worth troubling his family. His sister however, was quick to pick up on the fact that something was amiss when he constantly seemed unexcited to go to school, but he rejected her attempts to get him to open up. The ostracism soon progressed to full on bullying from his middle school classmates. Snide remarks were thrown indirectly and directly at him, rumours about him were spread, his books and notes destroyed and vandalised maliciously, and he was often a subject of extortion. While again, he tried to keep quiet about it, the escalation of bullying concerned his parents and sister when they had realised the reason why he always needed to buy new materials or need money, and they quickly transferred him to a different school.

But the same thing happened again.

        And again.

                And yet again.

They transferred him every time they noticed bullying was happening again, but it never seemed to solve the problem, and as a result, his school grades plummeted severely from him constantly adapting to new (hostile) environments, and he graduated middle school with average results, subpar for someone of his intelligence. His parents, concerned about his wellbeing, considered homeschooling him for high school instead, however his sister discouraged it, stating that it would only make him progressively more introverted and unable to function in society. She suggested they try letting him join her drama club over summer, wondering if maybe it will help him to be more vocal about his feelings.

With Min-jae already having an interest in watching musicals and theater, it was no time until he took a liking to acting, and soon his family learnt that he was actually pretty good at it. He was enamoured, practicing hard and eventually officially joining his sister's drama club once he entered high school. He didn't feel any different as a person though, and not wanting his family to worry anymore, he took it on himself to play the part of a fun and happy character for them...permanently. Applying this act at highschool, he realised that people stared at him less...and if they did it was positively, and treated him better. He still didn't come out of it with anything more than shallow acquaintances, but it was a start. He just had to keep on pretending to be someone he wasn't to make friends, and that was easy! Or so he told himself.  

Finally discovering a passion that he could pursue, his outlook of life changed from an aimless one to one with a goal, and eager to pursue acting further, he applied to Haneul College, hoping to take the first step to achieve his only dreams, and to help his family rest easier knowing he was doing fine.


▷ Likes and Dislikes
+ Musical theater
+ Rock music it's loud and drowns out all the plebs and emo like him
+ English movies
+ Horror as a genre
+ Animals (especially dogs)
+ Morning jogs
+ Bossam
+ Coffee

- Dubstep (does it even count as music!?), Rap (just doesn't get it)
- Bullies/Rude/Arrogant people
- Spicy food (FAKE KOREAN ALERT!?!?! please don't give him samyang ramyeon he'll cry)
- Messiness
- People that snore
- Irresponsible drinkers
- Small talk

Voice: Cho Kyuhyun

▷ Trivia:
  • He is unperturbed by horror movies, and watches it with a poker face for the most part.
  • He's semi-fluent in English, primarily because he watches a lot of English movies and musicals/stage plays.
  • He wakes up ungodly early at around 6am to go for morning jogs and have a shower before classes.
  • He's an extremely light sleeper - wakes up at almost any kind of sound.
  • He has learnt a few kpop dances and songs mostly as a result of hanging around people who enjoy it (like his sister), even though he's pretty neutral towards it.
  • He likes using stickers/stamps to communicate in messages, because he thinks they're hilarious and can communicate his non-existent emotions to others better. He's that guy that will send an animated laughing sticker with a resting bitch face.
  • He doesn't keep up with social media even though he has accounts - it was all stuff he made "because someone asked him to".
  • He has a good relationship with his family, though they're concerned he seems to be faking his entire life, but if he's happy doing so and it's causing him no harm, they won't interfere.
  • He loves going to small, obscure cafes and have a nice cup of coffee while reading. A big win if it's raining outside for the extra ambient noise.
  • The team mom guy, usually hauling drunk friends back to the dorms smh DONT PUKE ON HIM.
  • He is really bad at cooking and his meals consist of eating out, takeaway, convenient store food or just plain instant noodles.
  • He has a tendency to hyper-focus and forget to eat or take care of himself at times....please remind him to take a break........

▷ RP Information:

[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

At the moment I am not looking for romantic interactions, but I enjoy all kinds of interaction so please don't be afraid to hit me up at any time!!
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