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[CODE-8] Liam by sealartonline [CODE-8] Liam by sealartonline
lmao guess who's back, this time as a ghostcrime buster


Name: Robinson, Liam
Age: 21
Gender: M
Nationality: American
Birthday: August 18

Height: 6ft 2in | 188cm
Weight: 172lb | 78kg
Full body reference because his feet got cut off lmao


[ WEAPON: Photon Blast Assault Rifle ]

Known as just the Photon Blaster for short, the assault rifle fires photon particle energy in short bursts. While not particularly as powerful or dangerous as other particle-beam technology, photon energy is refractive, allowing for tactics of shooting misleading shots that refract off metallic surfaces to hit or distract their target. The light from the photon blasts emitted can also cause temporary blindness and burns due to the pureness of energy, and its user and fellow team-mates must take precaution to wear protective goggles or look away from the light. The Photon Blaster runs on an internal battery system with a built-in retractable charging cable, making it light-weight and portable. Each full charge allows for it to be used only up to 3 rounds however, making it fairly limited. Uncalculated refractive shots can also occasionally backfire. It is best used as a stealth weapon to confuse, distract or misdirect the attention of the target, and is not powerful enough to disable opponents. 

    + Light-weight, quiet in design
    + Designed for use in mid to long-range stealth combat
    + Good for distracting opponents and redirecting their attention (decoy tactics)
    + The light from the photon blasts can blind & stun those who see it temporarily.
    + Refractive shot tactic is something a lot of opponents do not see coming until it hits them.

    - Photon rounds eats up a ridiculous amount of power, and each full charge allows for only 3 rounds
    - There is a ~150s cool-down in between fired bursts for the particles to regenerate (time 2 pray that u blinded ur enemies i guess)
    - It's not really that powerful, and would feel like getting hit by an airsoft gun or a paintball, though at mid-range, it could burn skin if exposed.
    - Honestly refractive shot tactic has a 50-50 chance of not actually going where you want it to go, since surfaces are often imperfect.
    - If his teammates forget to put on goggles (or he forgets his teammates are around), the light could blind them too.

    STR: 1
    INT: 2
    AGI: 1
    DEX: 3
    VIT: 1



+ [ ambitious | enthusiastic | intelligent | sociable | optimistic ] +
+ [ inquisitive | tidy | energetic | pragmatic ] +
- [ emotionally detached | oblivious | insensitive | stubborn | flighty ] -
To most people, Liam can summarised in a single phrase as "a ball of sunshine". His inquisitive nature leads him to wanting to learn about everyone he meets, everything he sees. Always friendly, this mood-maker's contagious enthusiasm and energy will always put a smile on the faces of those he meets (though it might drive a select few insane). Driven and motivated to achieve his goals, Liam is an extremely hard-working and organised individual when it comes to learning anything and everything that he's interested in. Liam also has a habit of keeping things tidy and organised, from his notes and schedule, down to even the underwear drawer in his closet, and is probably your best friend when you desperately need of notes for an upcoming assessment.

While at first glance he might seem like someone who is spacey and has his head up in the clouds, Liam is the exact opposite. He is grounded solidly in theory and practical logic, making all his choices based on his own set of guided decisions, and is never one to "spontaneously" decide to do something without analysing the pros and cons of it all (he just calculates it so fast it may seem so to most). Trying to talk about idealistic dreams and visions with Liam is mostly a waste of energy, because he will always have some form of a logical counter to why it isn't possible. With his mind always buzzing with new things to see and learn, Liam can oftentimes come across as having a short attention span and seem flighty, though the truth is that he's already committed all the information he's seen to his mind and is on the move for more new opportunities.

Whilst his friendliness is in no way a lie, Liam actually has a fairly low level of emotional empathy, and he struggles to relate to people on a deep emotional level, treating his interactions with other people with the same weighting as reading a textbook about marine biology, approaching friendships as if he was conquering pieces on a chess board or collecting Pokemon cards (albeit with no ulterior motives other than to tell himself "Wow I have so many friends!"). As a result of his lack of empathy, he also comes across as insensitive and tactless, often saying things that he probably should not have said even if true, or getting right into people's guts about their insecurities, because he stubbornly believes that the logical reasoning he offers is what they should and need to hear. He is also fairly oblivious towards insults and sarcasm, possibly because he doesn't understand the underlying tone of voice behind it, being one to rationalise with logic. 

Ultimately, Liam is a friend that's fun to be around, always there to lend you support and share his energy, but when times are tough, he's unlikely to be the first person to come to mind unless you want a distraction from problems. He's working on it is2g pls give him a chance

[493 words]


tl;dr Normal American boy in normal American fam grows up and wants 2 be a police because his uncle who was was rly cool. Upon finishing his education and qualifications to become a police officer, he was encouraged by his peers to apply to be an agent for B.O.S.S. and the rest is history!


Born as the first son to an average American family living in the city, Liam was a bright, cheerful and healthy young boy. He spent his time growing up doing what most young boys do - playing with friends, immersing himself with the technology of the era, studying and having fun. He heard plenty over the news of disruptive Specials and was fed propaganda on how he should beware of them like all kids were. He would often play a version of "Cops and Robbers" with his friends that was popular in this time, except it was pretend Cops and Specials. It was almost exhilarating how much excitement it brought him to "apprehend" the bad guys, and as a child, it was his dream to become like one of those agents he often heard of in the news, tackling powerful evils and coming back victorious. However, as a highly inquisitive child surrounded with so many things to do and see, his interest serving the police force and becoming a special agents soon faded to a childhood memory, replaced by new sights and experiences, though never completely forgotten.

It was a fine sunny day during his 15th summer that his uncle, someone who he had only heard stories about, finally retired from his many years of service as a Captain in the police force. He told them tales about how wonderful his service was, of all the criminals he apprehended, people he met and saved, places he visited while on missions, and stars lit up in Liam's eyes, re-fueling his once forgotten childhood passion for fighting crime. It was from that point onward that he knew he too, wanted to be a part of the police force despite his parents' protests. Not only could he serve the country, but he could learn to protect himself and his family, and also (according to his in-depth research), help fund his younger sister's dreams of going to a private Arts college, something that he knew his parents would struggle to afford.

Upon graduating from high school, as a smart and hard-working individual with an appealing personality, Liam had plenty of opportunities to further his studies, however ultimately chose to enroll at a Police Academy in order to both gaining field experience as well as fast-track him into entering the police force. Upon enrolling, he found out that life was really not at all that easy, and being a police was hard work, not only physically, but mentally. All the misconceptions he had that all police ever did was eat donuts in the office when crime wasn't happening were completely blown away - he had never experienced such intense challenge in his life, and though rigorous and tough, it was extremely rewarding for him to see the results of his hard-work when he graduated from the academy with great results.

His fellow course mates encouraged him greatly to apply to be a B.O.S.S. agent, citing that he had the skills that they needed and that he'd "totally get in", and initially, he had thought it was just a pipe dream - it was an elite task force after all, with one of the highest rejection rates, and he wondered if he would be up for the task. However, when realising just how much he could possibly earn if accepted, he took a gamble - the monthly salary would allow him to not only assist his sister in pursuing her dreams, but he could also put aside money for his parents and youngest sibling as well. The only thing he had to lose was his pride, and so gathering up all of his courage, he sent out his application. To his surprise, he received an interview, and impressing his interviewers, was asked to come for the initiation test, to which he performed with flying colours. 

Upon receiving the news that he was accepted as an agent, he was over the moon with excitement. Not only was he achieving the dream job he had always wanted, but he would now be serving the country, apprehending the utmost evil, and protecting the future of his family and all of America.

[691 words]



   ♥ Dinosaurs                                
   ♥ Marine life
   ♥ Sunny days/Summer
   ♥ Meeting new people and learning new things!
   ♥ Seafood!!!
   × Winter
   × His shellfish allergies :c
   × Messes & Messy people
   × Failure (to meet expectations)
   × Breaking promises (whether it's the other party, or on his side)

  • He is unbelievably good at remembering people, their names, where they met and (unfortunately) all their embarrassing trivia.
  • He is still living with his family, as moving out would not only eat into his paycheck that could be used to support his family, but he can't cook to save his life anyway. He is considering moving out at some point as he often comes home at strange hours due to his work, and his parents strongly disapprove of it.
  • He doesn't actually hate the average Special, and rather, just has a biased view about them due to the propaganda he's been exposed to all his life. He has never bothered to discriminate against Specials in his life or on the street, believing that for every bad apple, there are plenty that are just fine and are trying to live their life. If they do not present as hostile towards him, he will talk to them just like he'd talk to anyone.
  • He's mildly allergic to shellfish but stubbornly eats them anyway (you can't stop this boy from eating his seafood!!!!), resulting in some pretty bad itches (and off he goes to the medical department to bother them for anti-histamines).
  • He's a light sleeper, possibly because his mind is always working overtime.
  • Don't watch movies with him, he'll probably keep asking you questions.
  • He's actually kind of directionally challenged and can't really read maps so good.
  • He eats about as much as he talks, though he takes extra care to be healthy and maintain a healthy recommended diet (He misses his fast food a lot...)
  • He can often be seen out on evening/night jogs because he finds it helps him blow off excess energy and calm down before bed.
  • He is most definitely a siscon and can talk about how amazing and wonderful his sisters are to anyone that so much as asks him "So how many siblings do you have?" and will probably kill any man that attempts to ask for their hand in marriage.
  • He has had a total of 3 ex-girlfriends over his high school and college years, the last one, lasting about 6 months during college, was serious enough for them to Go The Whole Way™, though they broke up over her disagreeing about him joining B.O.S.S. instead of taking a safer job. If given a chance, he'd still try to win her over again (though he'd never quit his job for it) and hasn't completely let go of her. help him
  • While we're on that topic, he's actually fairly popular with girls because of his friendly and understanding nature, but he's completely oblivious to it, thinking that girls are just being nice!!!!!

  • Robinson, Brian (53) - Liam's father. A laid-back, down to earth male, very much the submissive half of his marriage. All he wanted for Liam was to live a happy and carefree life unlike his brother, and he was the most strongly against Liam's goals.
  • Robinson, Heather (50) - Liam's mother. An energetic and bubbly entrepreneur, very opinionated and the dominant half of his parents' happy marriage. She had argued on Liam's behalf to let him enter police academy and joining B.O.S.S., supporting the fact that he had a strong goal he wanted to achieve.
  • Robinson, Lisa (18) - Liam's sister. Being fairly close in age, they grew up extremely close, with Liam pretty much spoiling her. She is the opposite of Liam - socially awkward, timid and shy, but also extremely creative and artistically-inclined. Her dream is to be a fashion designer, however arts colleges are expensive, and she was ready to give up on her dream. Liam wants so badly for her to be able to do what she loves, which was a big motivator in him choosing to join B.O.S.S. - to financially support her goals.
  • Robinson, Leah (11) - Liam's baby sister, as he calls her (she would retort "I'm no baby!"). Being 10 whole years younger than him, his entire family babied her since she was born, resulting in her growing up spoilt and privileged. She's very similar to their mother, but looks a lot like Liam. Doesn't get along with Lisa, because she thinks she's boring. She brags a lot to her friends about how her brother is a super cool agent and takes down all the evil Specials.
  • Robinson, Arnold (60) - Liam's uncle, and brother of his father, who had retired from his long service as a Captain in the police force. He is Liam's role model and primary inspiration for pursuing this career line.


[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs
[ style ] HCs > Lit/Semi-Lit > Script (I'm not a huge fan of script but I’m willing to do it in small doses!)

[ etc ] I am weak to romance, but I tend to employ a "if it happens, it happens" policy and chemistry is super important to me! Please talk to me if you think there's a possibility after our kids have interacted a bit though! I also really love angst, "failshipping" and one-sided pining/crushes, so if you ever wanna try that, I am here for you my dude. Also please no random sexual harassment....onegai......
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