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I HAVEN'T DONE THIS IN 5 MILLION YEARS (t-thanks for accepting me can't wait to meet new friends ;A; )



Name: Toujou, Haruki (東条 春輝)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: January 20
Height: 163cm / 5'3"
Nationality: Japanese
CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu 1 2

Degree: Undergraduate, Strings (Cello)
Year: 1st
Elective: Jazz Orchestra


+ [ calm | loyal | perceptive | confident | independent ] +
+ [ naive | quiet | curious | spontaneous ] +
- [ aloof | apathetic | judgemental | absent-minded | tactless ] -

Generally one to mind his own business, Haruki will not speak unless he's spoken to unless he's comfortable around someone, and even so, he much prefers to show how he feels through actions rather than words. He is extremely perceptive and a quick learner - though only when the topic is of interest to him, and takes pride in being good at what he does. On the flip side, the things that do interest him are few, which means more often than not, he comes across as spacey and unmotivated.

His upbringing (see bio below) and his overall reluctance to socialise and interact with others has also had a big impact on his social skills, thus his poor understanding on social norms and the struggles of "common people". As such, he generally is quick to say whatever is on his mind (if he says anything at all), and completely lacks tact, coming off rude and cocky, despite it not necessarily being his intention. Haruki battles daily with the concept of "people have feelings", though he's been improving slowly upon entering Clefford. Should you manage to befriend him, he's a good and loyal friend, who will always be there for you (and dish out plenty of tactless remarks).


Haruki is the only child and the heir to Toujou International Holdings, a major international conglomerate in the IT and Entertainment industry. Since his youth, he has never strongly exhibited any resistence towards his studies and training, and had always been an excellent student, worthy of his title. Because of his father's position in the company, he rarely saw him, and their relationship was mostly that of acknowledgement of his academic results. Because of this, Haruki constantly yearned to do better in order to earn his father's approval and time of day. His mother however, constantly worried about Haruki not only overworking to impress his father, but generally lacking any sort of attachment to something he loved. Attempting to instill a bit of creativity in him, she enrolled the help of a music teacher, hoping that if Haruki at least had music, maybe he would be able to express himself, since he struggled with words.

Haruki initially struggled with the concept of music until his tutor played him the soundtrack from "Spirited Away", telling him that he was very sure that Haruki would know these songs. He immediately recognised the sounds as something he had heard before, and his curiosity demanded to know more. And thus he spent a few hours a week during his formative years in school studying music privately, developing a taste for strings in particular. Haruki never performed for anyone outside his family's residence, due to a crippling fear of letting down the family and staining his father's reputation.

His mother, strongly wanting her husband to hear their son's musical talent insistet he perform for his father's 45th birthday celebrations. Haruki reluctantly performed a simple rendition of his father's favourite song, Pachabel's Canon in D together with his tutor. His father, moved to tears, insisted that Haruki should pursue his true talent in music, and quickly made contact with Clefford Conservatory after going through the recommendation of his peers.

Before leaving, his father gifted him a beautiful Stendor cello, a gift that he treasures deeply, and a source of his motivation as he faces the new challenges that await him.

tl;dr rich kid who really wanted his daddy to notice him and when his kuudere daddy did notice him, he loved his son so much he sent him to a music school!1!11!!!111!!!!11
p.s. i bet his dad's hot i gotta draw him some time
p.p.s i bet his mum's hot too


💖 The cello his daddy gave him
💖 Sleeping
💖 Desserts
💖 Spicy food
💖 Collecting strange things
💖 Being praised

💀 Talkative people
💀 Loud noises
💀 Hot weather
💀 Waking up early
💀 Insincerity*
💀 Black coffee
💀 Physical activity/Sports

*Due to his background as the heir to Toujou Holdings, he's developed a defensive stance against anyone who seems like they have ulterior motives, and takes a while to warm up to flirty-types (cuz he think y'all fake ass bitches).

Favourite Pieces
🎵 Vivaldi - Winter (Four Seasons)
🎵 Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G
🎵 Beethoven - Symphony No. 9
🎵 Saint-Saëns - Cello Concerto No. 1 in A Minor Op. 33
🎵 Bonus: He Really Likes Joe Hisaishi

♦ He can also play the piano because that was his first instrument, and is at a level that is good enough to be a stand-in pianist, though his passion is with the cello.
♦ He's really good at sight reading but bad at improvisation (we really don't know why he's doing the Jazz elective because he sucks at Jazz)
♦ He still thinks Santa exists, no one ruin his dreams onegai


coming soon


[ timezone ] GMT +8
[ method ] Discord/Twitter (hc acc: @silencedoath) > Docs > Notes (I'm really slow and don't check dA often)
[ style ] HCs/Art RP > Lit/Script (I'm like, really rusty so I might need some guidance...)
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