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Conky Seamod v0.1

By SeaJey
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Custom conky config with lua-scripted rings ([link]).

My mod is based on conkyrc_lunatico which correspondingly is modification of conkyrc_orange. Links to sources: [link] , [link]
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Please help! How to align rings in their places? A photo how its looking now. Screenshot from 2018-08-07 13-39-08 
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Hi, I have this error on Ubuntu 16.04 :( 


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I have the same error, too :(
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Seem like removing the duplicate line save the day..
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_argb_visual yes
own_window_argb_visual no       ;; Remove this line
own_window_colour 000000
own_window_argb_value 0
own_window_hints undecorate,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager,below
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Seamod for Conky 1.10 (Ubuntu 16.04) with new features:… 
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Great theme! Only the colors didn't work with my desktop.  I was able to change them all except the bottom 2 graphs Ethernet orange and green. I have been looking making my color changes in conky seamod, and seamod rings lua basically changing all the green and orange to a blue. thanks for any help             UPDATE: I found it :)
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Look here for different concept…

Thanks Seajey :)
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thank you for this conky , i am trying to make the ETHERNET ring work with the wifi speed ,could you help me to solve it?
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One correction - I meant minimum_size vs. maximum_size...

Thank you!
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Thank you for this conky.  I'm trying to remove empty/dead space on the bottom of the conky_seamod (I removed the network activity).  However, no matter what I replace for maximum_size (such as 0 0, or 350 0, etc), the empty space still resides.  Is there another variable I need to modify? I should also state I'm using conky manager for my conkys. 
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Sorry, I do not remember such details :(
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Awesome conky.

Minor bug:  when using Conky Manager 2.3.3 gui to change to wlan0 it will change the value in "~/.conky/Conky Seamod/conky_seamod" but not the value in seamod_rings.lua.  Result: rings don't move when connected through wifi.

change the values yourself

nano "~/.conky/Conky Seamod/seamod_rings.lua"

find the lines  
  name='downspeedf',           arg='eth0',                     max_value=100,
  name='upspeedf',           arg='eth0',                     max_value=100,

and change eth0 to wlan0 (or whatever).
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how to use it ? can anyone teach me ??
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how do I view 8 cores? ;)
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By adding another rings in config file ^_^
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how to fix this? i have a resolution 1366x768 it elapse in the bottom
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Sorry, this config was pretty much hardcoded for 1080.
You have to remove one ring from config and adjust others parts.
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I do not know anything really of conky and lua, I would like to remove the ethernet rings, and add in GPU in between CPU and MEM? how do I do this?
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Very Nice. Thanks for sharing.Nod 

A laptop version would be nice.

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