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Slime Rancher
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Published: February 3, 2016
*UPDATE 5/16/2016*
This drawing is now available as a print on RedBubble!…


I love Slime Rancher so much.
All of the current basic slimes.
My personal favorite in the game is the Puddle Slime, I love how they just float there happily.

Check out the speed-drawing!:…
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Pink slime - *look tabby and honey* ship
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LorennnaMakesShimejiHobbyist Digital Artist
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Ah... I remember finding this drawing a little while back. I even set it as the lock screen on my iPad for a little while!
Though now that I can let you know that I liked this, I'll... well, I'll let you know! (^^ ‿ ^^)

I wish I could say something particular that I like about this, but it's all just very well done!

The rad slime is waay too cute, and that's one of the cutest puddle slimes I think I've seen! :D
The goldie riding on the phosphor slime is just adorable, and that was a nice touch, with the heart beet and the rock slime!
I never thought about a honey slime being subject to... erm, being tasted, but it's an amusing thought, so long as there's still a honey slime afterwards... (*° ᵕ °*)
Overall; this picture is just too cute! *Free Icon/Emote* Twilight Hairball Pusheen 

I am curious though; Did you draw this before the puddle slimes were redesigned?
I'm assuming you did, since the modern puddle slimes don't have a mouth, and yours also has the same color as the old puddle slimes.

It's just kinda interesting, since the puddle slime in this picture kinda resembles their modern look!
Who knows... maybe you're a seer, and you just don't know it. (¬‿¬ )
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SeaJelli General Artist
Thank you! That means a lot to me.

I believe I did the puddle slime before the redesign, I always imagined them having a more watery consistency and not being as rounded as the other slimes.
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Oh, hey! \(*・ヮ・)/

I didn't expect you to reply, but this was a nice surprise!

Funny enough, I think the developers might've actually got a similar idea about the Puddle Slimes being more watery, considering what they said in the "description" for the Indigo Quarry update, which was when the Puddle Slime was redesigned.

Puddle slimes have received a graphical overhaul and are now much more puddle-y."

Great minds think alike, I guess! (ノ・ヮ・)ノ

But you definitely did the picture before they were redesigned. In fact, the very same day I posted the comment, I finally realized there was a way to see when the picture was posted. (I guess I never paid enough attention, hehe)
And then I spent a few minutes feeling dumb. (  ; ᵕ ; )

Buut anyways, I think I should probably go before I write any more. I am a dummy! 
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SeaJelli General Artist
Haha I always try to reply when I can!

I loved the redesign apart from removing the smile, I loved that smile, but they're still my favorite, I can never get over that noise (even if the lava slime makes the same noise).

There's been demand for an updated version of this with all of the new slimes, just need the time to sit down and record it.
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I love this drawing, I watched the speed draw on YouTube too, this picture, no, this artwork is my IPads lock screen background.
amazing job SeaJelli
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asorouHobbyist General Artist
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Cobalt-WingStudent General Artist
Look at that adorable Tabby!
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JakeTheWolfcatHobbyist Digital Artist
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Quick get the tabby and honey plort!!!
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DefendraDoesGamezHobbyist General Artist
Slime OTP :3
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Bunnyash890Hobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite is also the puddle slime for the same reason! :thumbsup:
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everyone should be honest , everyone has at least 1 cat slime
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DefendraDoesGamezHobbyist General Artist
Duh, how can someone live without that precious little ball of goop?
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SeaJelli General Artist
^ Yes!
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commanderpeashooterStudent Interface Designer
i do too
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AKILEY-WilliamsProfessional Digital Artist
So much cuteness! :)
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SeaJelli General Artist
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it's so adorable! No... It's To Adorable! The Cute Is OVERWHELMING! *pop* Gah! My Heart! X_X

Honey Slime is best Slime in my opinion X3
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DankasaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
LOVE Slime Rancher.
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KillerGirlFuriaHobbyist General Artist
I just want Raddies to be available already ;-;
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