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glow dark update

Glow has been finished(win8 and win7 version)
But I wanted to make a full dark version instead of a partial dark version ^^

So I made a new design for the dark version which I'm currently turning into a msstyles (it's hard to make dark themes...)

What do you think about it? any changes you might suggest? make sure to comment quick if so because I'm currently already working on it, I'm way past update deadline....
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I thought it was free FML

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Si el archivo no existe por que no actualizas la informacion y no lahaces perder tiempo a la gente unicamente por la inscripcion esto me da la espina que estas robando datos a los que se suscriben

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para que lo hacen inscribir a uno si no se puede descargar el tema debe ser para. Se da clic en descargar tema y no pasa nada me da la impresion de que esta pagina es para robarle datos a uno por que para que obligatoriamente hay que inscribirce y no descarga el tema por que te preguntan que donde se puede descargar el tema y no respondes

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please tell me how to download? what do I click?
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Glow by Seahorsepip

It's part of the paid version(costs 10 dA points)
from where to download ?
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it's part of Glow+
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Where available this theme for WIn 8 for download?:| (Blank Stare)
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New grey color is nice! Exactly what I was going to suggest.

Based on a studies by Adobe, people tend to work better in a very dark, but not black environment when it comes to computing.
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Based on my studies people tend to work better on a non adobe environment :P
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Lol, haven't used photoshop or any adobe products (besides flash) in a while now, hard to get to used to after all these years with
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Glad to see you're still in the business :D this one is my favorite (i believe this is the best we can do on windows 8 xD ) nice work ^^
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this was promised in the update so updating something withouting including the things that should be is pointless...
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you said > Update will be available before the end of the year <
year 2012 or year 2013?
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2012 lol, 2013 would be crazy...

I thought I would have it finished by then but I walked into way more limitations and problems then I expected :/
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Perhaps a slightly lighter shade of grey? As much as I love the idea of dark themes, I usually only use them for a small amount of time before switching back to a lighter theme (it strains the eyes) . Otherwise, keep going with that simple, clean look. It's awesome :D
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You should go with the dark gray color that Adobe uses on installers like Adobe Flash etc like this one: [link]
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That's too grey in my opinion.
But this deviation will be updated with a better preview in a day ; )
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I see what you mean but as other have suggested dark themes are "unusable" in long term.Adobe's gray i think is somewhere in the middle and also elegant but hey,its your theme. :)

Eagerly waiting for the new preview
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I'm going to make it less dark as you suggested, looks better after some modifications and such ^^.
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Nice man! I usually try out dark themes for a day or so, but go back to something lighter. I really like how this one looks though.
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