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eFirefox v1.2.8

By Seahorsepip
Another Release! :D




Was called "elementary Firefox" before but I rename it to "eFirefox" because it sounds way better!
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Lesik2008's avatar
Ahh snap, not available for my Firefox. :(
link6155's avatar
You should continue this theme! One of the best firefox theme I've used :)
Seahorsepip's avatar
I'll when I have time which I ussually have too less :P
link6155's avatar
you should continue this theme! One of the best firefox design I've seen :)
potasiyam's avatar
How did you do that animation? :O
Seahorsepip's avatar
the file isn't a normal png, it's a apng, the improved version of gif based on png, google apng for more info ^^
goopen's avatar
Mad skill yo! u plannin to update to recent versions of ff? its beautiful.
maxxdogg's avatar
what VS and when eFirefox will be available for FF10?? :D
Seahorsepip's avatar
eFirefox is linux only and will be available when I've finished it which is have no set date for.
thunderteaser's avatar
This theme is sick! Waiting for a FF12+ version! :) (linux, of course)
yayme's avatar
I want to use this but it's Linux only =/
Seahorsepip's avatar
yeah bad I know :P
Anyway stratiform by spewboy have the 'wave' styles which are similar since I made those ^^
yayme's avatar
oh okay, well if that was for Firefox I would have switched back from Chrome lol.
simmesimme's avatar
I'm really looking forward to a new Version! It'll rule! At least for Firefox 8, please :D
Seahorsepip's avatar
ofcourse it will be made for firefox 8+ :P
This is the only the decent skin for Firefox on Linux - odd no? :D
The end-of-life for Firefox 3.6.x is coming.
Hope your update comes out around the same time as elementary os luna.
Seahorsepip's avatar
it will just have been very busy lately >.>
Hitman7112's avatar
Will it also be for Windows? :3
Seahorsepip's avatar
for windows I suggest stratiform which conatins some of my designs as eq. wave ;)
is there any chance of this being ported to firefox 4? D:
Seahorsepip's avatar
yes I planned to do that this christmass ^^
And not ff4 but ff4+ ;)
yo-bhan's avatar
req for eDarkFirefox pliss :D
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