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Wave 0.2

Wave 0.2 is already released again!
I hope you like it ;)

0.1 - First Release
0.2 - Changes at:
-gtkrc (Tabbar, Progressbar)
-gedit.rc (Tabbar, Toolbar)
-nautilus.rc (Buttons, Breadcrumbs, ModeButton, Sidebar, Toolbar(Navigation))
-Metacity (Caption Buttons)
-Emerald (Caption Buttons)
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I can't believe I forgot that you made gtk themes (and I've been using ubuntu for nearly a month now) ^^;
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any chances to upgrade to GTK3 based distros, like ubuntu 11.10??
Seahorsepip's avatar
nope sorry mate :/
you gotta look at elementary or such for that ;)
huymichalak's avatar
Amazing theme :-O I love it so much!
Thank you, seahorsepip!
alecive's avatar
Cool theme! But it does'nt work fine with my ubuntu lucid 10.04.. I have equinox and murrine installed, may it needs some other engine?
Seahorsepip's avatar
it uses pixmaps and aurora too
alecive's avatar
Uff :(

I never figured out how to install Aurora engine.. It always give errors! :(
Seahorsepip's avatar
just use elementary desktop ppa which includes all required engines
alecive's avatar
Oh thanks mate! You solved a big problem! :)
AndOrNot's avatar
Hi! ... due a reinstallation of ubunto 10.04 I don't remember how get the correct engine to get Wave work ...

Can you help me, please?
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Please show me how to apply this themes in my Ubuntu 10.10. thx so much!
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Please show me the way how to make the navigation button (forward and back buttons) of Nautilus near together, looks like in the picture above. It's nice and as Finder in Mac OSX... Thx in advance!
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use a toolbar.png background with those buttons included, take a look into the code to see ;)
dreamnymph's avatar
eem nice but, Midori back and forward buttons look bad, how fix this?
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crownvictoria's avatar
this is awesome, im sad i have not tried this theme before :) great work
that's great!^^
BilliShere's avatar
absolutely stunning!
DavidOteroNavarro's avatar
Great theme, only a question: Hoe to use the firefox code? I had already installed eFirefox, but I don now what to do with the code you included...
Seahorsepip's avatar
install stylish->new userstyle->copy content from text file
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