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Sharp WIP7

By Seahorsepip
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Another screenshot, this time it's about icons again, I changed the folder icons to fit the theme a bit more. And modified the desktop icon to make it fit windows more (windows has a taskbar instead of command bar on top).

If you look closely you'll also notice a new bg, it's called "day" and the previous darker blue wallpaper will be called "night" The wallpapers will be released together after I'm done with the preview image for them ;)

Full credits to DanRabbit for the elementary icons.
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Will it ever be released? I want it really!
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Oh my god. I need this for Windows 10. This is so gorgeous.
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its 2015 now and it has soon been 1 year since this was submitted.. hope that this is still beeing worked on.. 
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I can't wait until this theme is ready!!!
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Great theme. Is it ready now?
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Can't wait for the final result! 
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Aww thank you so much!
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I'm having trouble locating the up arrow which displays at the left side of the breadcrumb bar... anyone know where this little devil might be hiding?  Thanks for any help you may offer.  …
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Inside ribbonui.dll
It's very hard to theme it, you can just get rid of it by using old new explorer or explorer toolbar customizer for win 8.
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Thank you, I'll try it
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That VS is simply PERFECT!
Well Done!!!

Hope this one comes out soon..
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Hey Seahorsepip are you still working on this awesome concept?
I'm checking every once in a while to see if you have any updates...   I'm really looking forward to this visual style!
Do you have anything we could at least test out?

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LOVE the looks. But is there any clue when it will be done? Or will we have to just wait?
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great theme, but could you pls upload your modified icons and the white ones on left side? 
And how did you change them?
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I'm so excited and i just can't hide it and i know i know i know i know i know i want *it*! :D

Keep it up for the good work. I'm a daily user of your Sharp Flat. You're doing a amazing work here.

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How about a dark version like Sharp WIP3, but full gray folders/nav icons and left side is also dark gray?
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will be configurable on release, if you want it grey you enter grey if you want it #ff0000 then you can also do that.
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Top left corner looks sharp. The other 3 edges aren't. :l
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It's looks like that because of the wallpaper, all edges have a 3px border radius and the source images are rendered from svg files so everything that you see is just because of the combination between the wallpaper background and the window color.
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Any updates on this visual style? :( When will it be released? :(
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Might be just me, but the top left corner looks sharp compared to the rounded corner on the top right.
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