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Sharp WIP6

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Just another update on sharp, made the top border flow into the content with a gradient and redid the shadows, also I changed some small details like some text colors and the scrollbars, oh and not to forget, I changed the caption buttons again :P
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Hy,Seshorsepip..When can i expect this sharp WIP6 thing!!
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the new project neon UWP explorer should be like this :)
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I actually wish Windows 10 looked like this. I really find the metro user interface to not meet my expectations :( (Sad) 
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 I wish this was real. Looks so modern, stylish and simple at the same time.
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hello,guy!when would you finish this great project?
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 :O This is really beautiful!!
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I think that MS winn points if design Windows 10 with a similar interface
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It's so beautiful!I love it。When can I get it?
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PLease Release it for Win 7 64 bit Please
Much awiting i thought u will release it for Win7 64 bit but Afer reading comments u said it was for win 8
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It's not done even for windows 8, when it's done for widnwos 8 it will be ported to 7.
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Thnx waiting for completion
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does this work on 8.1? and 8.1 update 1?
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It's work in progress so it's meant for the latest Windows 8 version, so if windows 8.1 update 2 releases before it's finished then it will be for Windows 8.1 update 2.
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How can I get this
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You can't, it's not released yet.
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This is truly going in the right direction :)
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sry but what is sharp?
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The name of a new windows 8 theme I'm making :P
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and this is the real windows 8 explorer?? La la la la 
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