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Sharp WIP5

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Another update, I changed the sidebar again and made it work with glass8 for some aero glass.

Other then that I made some different caption buttons and redid the shadows.
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This is just amazing!!
So clear and slick, like an OS should be!

Well done friend!!

I hope someday you publish this...
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really looking forward to have all this on my windows 7, spectacular!
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this is beautiful 
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Pretty cool, can't wait for the release
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nice, looking forward to it. although personally i don't like aero stuff ;)
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very nice! really looking forward until you release it :-)
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This looks sexy! I would figuratively die if this gets released!
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This one's the best one.  I would have this as it's own theme, even if it wasn't the final result.
kevin95260's avatar that's great, i can't wait ... thanks ...
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very cool... !
waiting for launching 
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Looks Amazingly Awesome mate !!!  Can't wait to use it ! :D
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wow !! almost perfect !!!!Clap La la la la :happybounce: 
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The last theme I downloaded and used for more than 6 months was Wave on my old netbook a few years back, and I was reminiscing about it today so thought I'd look it up..

Found it (disappointed about no Win8.1 update)..
..then found you..
..then found this! All I can say is WOW!

Just one question, how much space does the titlebar take up in other programs with those large window control buttons..? This looks stunning man, looking forward to a release! (maybe?!)
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The top window titlebar is a issue right now in other programs indeed, looking for a fix or something like that.
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While I do love the big controls, the previous version was still awesome looking if adapted to this glass8 style.

Is the search just hidden or gone, and how does the status bar look with this..?
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Haven't done any work at the statusbar yet and yes I got rid of search since that was giving trouble with the caption buttons.
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awsome update , i realy wait for that
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Mother of God!!! amazing man :D :love:  when will come out? :happybounce: 
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back at it again i see... nicely done can't wait
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This looks amazing ! Can't wait for the release !
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I can't wait!!!
Any preview of the taskbar?
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Haven't done any work on the taskbar yet.
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