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Sharp WIP4

By Seahorsepip
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Went a bit more crazy in Windowsstylebuilder and made the theme borderless, and also unified the titlebar and navbar.

By the way this is a screenshot not a mockup.
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Really nicely done! Could you share wallpaper?
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Amazing design. Maybe a little tight between the navigation buttons and the border? Awesome though.
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Please Make This theme I am Awaiting it for 
& i love your WorkSquee Bounce 
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See WIP5 for the updated version.

Every WIP is a screenshot of a actual theme that's already created so it's just a matter of finishing and improving ;)
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till when u will finished making this Theme
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it looks cool !!!good job so far .La la la la Clap 
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it is possible?
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This is a screenshot so what you see is a actual working version, so in short yes, possible and done.
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wow beautiful.
apple could steal your concept for their osx 11.0 :D

and keep the rounded corners.
drop down shadows look much more natural and realistic if the window corners are rounded
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This is gorgeous! So streamlined...
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wow you are doing awsome work , this style is amazing, when you will done it?
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and not rounded edges

sharp is the new black :P
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I like this idea but I like the previous version more..
This is too much blue for my taste..Too much KDE (new version) to tell you the truth..while the previous one had more balance in terms of colour..
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Technically the title bar and the navbar are not unified, you just colored them the same. It's a nice idea though. Would save a lot of room.
Minimal yet functional.

To be honest though I liked the directory explorer pane on the version 3 more. It had the feeling of the Adobe GUI design which is very usable and functional.
Simple themes are usually good for functionality, the way they look ( ease of reading text, focusing on a certain section of the window ) and the general style.
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You should make this theme downloadable if possible, good job though.
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simply beautiful. i would just suggest making the text/icon color something other than blue on the left bar. 
amazing medley of flat design/classic windows view.
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Yeah not sure about the sidebar colors, thinking of changing it to the dark blue and making the top dark blue transparent.
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