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Sharp Flat Configurator

By Seahorsepip
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A configurator for sharp flat I'm working on, you will be able to create your own sharp flat style with this configurator. You will be able to change almost every color and even use images in the titlebar :D

After creating your own style you can, compile it to a msstyles and icons(elementary mod).

The configurator shows any changes you make directly at the configurator window and does not require any external software to run, it also does not require to have the theme installed or even windows 8 to create your custom theme based on Sharp Flat for your own use.

This preview is just a work in progress, the actual program will have multiple buttons and colorpickers to create your own style.

Lemme know what you think in the comments below ^^
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Sharp Flat is by far, the most balanced theme with the optimal amount of style and performance. Your configurator will be the game changer!
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I customize everything so this sounds great
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waiting for the final result :)
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I've just installed your great Sharp Flat theme this after trying few others, some from your friends posting on this page. All where very nice, yours seems better "for me" because really minimal. But none seems working on my desktop environment and your configurator is exatly what I was looking for to change some colors.
It will certainly be a hard job and will justify many donations for this great theme with configurator and perhaps future collaborations between some designers from DeviantArt to configure and stabilize windows themes. Thank's
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Wow. This is very impressive.
I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this as you work on it.
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awesome idea!
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Cool idea! Sharp Flat's one of my favorite styles yet.
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Sweet man respect ;).
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Woah, very cool mate!
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I like the approach of a live preview window, but the lack of the drop shadow from the theme really takes away from the design. You could achieve this if you made the app in WPF, but I think an easier and more attractive GUI would be something like this:
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The program has become 50mb lol
Because of the embedding of inkscape :P

I'm glad that compressing it with 7zip can make it 10mb :D
So I guess I'll make a self extracting archive using 7zsd, same method as I wrapped iconcustomizer with.
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Solved the border issue, I'm now using truetransparancy in the app to draw the shadows :P
Yes it's crazy but it works and it's just 500kb.
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If the app was made using wpf, you could probably save a few mb with native aero shadow rendering and color tinting :p 

Only problem is that it's pretty hard to pickup :|
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Yeah it's too much work in my opinion :P
My application is now 11mb big so I think the size is ok.
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This is a really great idea :D I'm looking forward to give it a try :D
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