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Sharp Flat 8.1 v0.2

By Seahorsepip
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A minimal theme for windows 8.1

This was just a quick side project of Sharp but I still decided to share it.

Install instructions & Help:…

This theme requires oldnewexplorer:…
Make sure to check glass behind navbar in oldnewexplorer settings.

The top border color can be changed in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalisation\Personalisation\Colour and Appearance.

It's recommended to disable the explorer ribbon and the up button. Also I recommend to apply Glow Tweaks:

27-06-14: -Fixed gray titlebar on maximized windows
                 -Fixed darker color behind titlebar text
                 -Fixed taskbar background on small taskbar and top taskbar

You're not allowed to upload this on any website, blog or other place. Instead you can link to this page.
© 2014 - 2020 Seahorsepip
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I followed your instruction, but somehow my explorer buttons (minimize, maximize, close) and 'back and forward' buttons doesn't changed to white as your example. Is there any step by step tutorial to achieve exactly like your theme?
Clipboard01 by JatZio  
I found some workaround, i used uxpatcher and winaerotweaker. voila!
Clipboard02 by JatZio  
Thank you for the theme, seahorsepip!
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Any plans for a Windows 10 version? This looks super clean
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this is my favorite theme , amazing job m8 <3
spartaque12's avatar
amazing theme
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will you release it on windows 7?
this theme so simple, i love it
geop0p3's avatar
I get random colors regardless of what I pick inside the appearance menu
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Great theme ! However, I have a problem : indeed, in Mozilla for example, there are white borders at the left, right, and bottom (pic :
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carbovaderguyHobbyist Interface Designer
will this work on windows 8 or do i need to update to win 8.1?
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SeahorsepipProfessional Interface Designer
It will work partially, I suggest upgrading to 8.1, any feature available in 8 can be brought back in 8.1 anyway.
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Make a Windows 10 version of this!!!
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alexcmhStudent Interface Designer
It would be really nice if you could continue the development of this theme, please.
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How can I get same "Back" and "Forward" icons like yours? Can you give the Explorer.exe or the ExplorerFrame.dll files?
Epic VS btw.
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SeahorsepipProfessional Interface Designer
It's a win 8 theme which means the navigation buttons are part of the msstyles.
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Is there a way to get the search bar?
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SeahorsepipProfessional Interface Designer
Sorry that's not possible. You can still search with CRTL+F.
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gautamkabirajStudent Traditional Artist
Awesome theme!! Totally love it on my Win 8.1!! :)
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daqwid2727Student Interface Designer
its nice, but doesnt work well with IE and ModernMix from stardock. there r white borders aroud those metro apps windows, looks bad. i hope that ud consider that in next project i see ur developing
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MatematiXHobbyist Artist
Hey, love your theme! 
This is my problem
I have red the whole thread and something is mentioned about scaling but i can't seem to figure out...
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SeahorsepipProfessional Interface Designer…

Set scaling to smallest.
MatematiX's avatar
MatematiXHobbyist Artist
Already have, before asking. Also played around with the settings (title bar ect.) but nothing changes...
Seahorsepip's avatar
SeahorsepipProfessional Interface Designer
Very strange and you're running windows 8.1 update 2?
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MatematiXHobbyist Artist
Yes, W8.1 completely up to date. 
Guess what? Finally made it work! i can hardly believe it myself.
Issue was 
oldnewexplorer, corrupted or something.....          
Downloaded a new one and it just happened (as advertised) :).
And after a week of hustle i can finally enjoy your great theme.

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support full glass
great vs thanks
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Hey man, just tried out your theme, really liked it and but if I were to point out something, it's that the close buttons on the top should be more responsive. They should have some fill when you hover your mouse and become darker when you click.

Also I read the comment about windows controls, what limitation is there with the buttons?
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