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New Windows 8.1 theme mockup

By Seahorsepip
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Just a  mockup for a maybe future possible win8.1 theme.
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I have been looking at your work for a while now, and i must say its like no other. My question is: why don't you give us downloads to your themes instead of just showing us screenshots? 
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Because it's not finished, I just posted a theme which was a side project of Sharp.
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Oh, ok. Another thing; can you make these skins for windows 7 plz???
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Look´s great, when is ready?
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This mockup has been changed to this mockup:…
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i'd LOVE to see the border turned into a truetransparency skin!  Any chance of that happening?
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What's wrong about glass 8?
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I'll gladly port this to 7 is you make it for 8/8.1.
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I already made a newer design, I think you'll love it ^^
I'll try to upload a screenshot today or tomorrow.

And If you would like to help me porting it to win7 I would appreciate it, saves me quite some time.
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Sure, once you have the 8.1 style at a level that makes it different from the Windows 8/8.1 default theme, just send me a note and I'll get started.
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thanks very much,so b,i like it.
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Very nice make it for Win 7 Nod 
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It looks more clean than the actual original theme to me. I really like it ,-) Nice concept / mockup!
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Woah, looks pretty neat. Cant wait for the theme.
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looks sharp. love it :D
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looks more angular than the original Windows 8 theme but I'm still not to familiar with its stock design. looking forward to anyone who can make this OS look better. 
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Looks nice! I like the simplicity.
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Wow, that's kind of awesome!! Navigation bar looks great.
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Would be very nice :)
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I hope you decide to make it, I really like the look. 
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nice minimalistic look :)
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