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Deep Docky


Deep Docky

By Seahorsepip

Deep landed in the world of linux, at our own Docky!

Package Includes 3 versions:
-Deep Dock 3D Mode
-Deep Dock 2D Mode
-Deep Dock Panel Mode
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como lo descargo?
DarkThauanGX's avatar
good.its so calm.i'm using this theme now.
voyager9600's avatar
Nice nice nice!! Using it now. :)
irider89's avatar
based on HUD ?
Seahorsepip's avatar
yup but I think danrabbit doesn´t mind it very much, hes already happy when docky get skinned(to less skins)
I´m new to svg so it´s not so easy...
but now skinning with a experimental docky version use some kind of css code for skins :D
Geo17's avatar
Cool docky =P
FateZoom's avatar
nice, but you should make for AWN,XWDock(both Version), Rocketdock,Objectbar.
Seahorsepip's avatar
It´s allready done by my friends on this was only one that wasn´t and so skinned now =P
FateZoom's avatar
Seahorsepip's avatar
but skinning docky is a hell because never used svg programs before =P
spiceofdesign's avatar
Nice overall, but you do realise that Docky will automatically change the types at the press of a button right? Also adding installation instructions here or in the package might be good for novices.
Seahorsepip's avatar
I know =P I edited that menu svg a bit =P
and that is not needed...there is a simple install button on 2.1.0...=P
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