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Day Line Beta 2

By Seahorsepip
Day Line Beta2

For Windows 7 32Bit and 64Bit

New in Beta 2:
-Small color change to optimize support for Firefox Metro 1.2 Beta by Boneyardbrew
-New Taskbar Mod(old taskbar is still supported!)
-New Caption Buttons
-New Previewpane
-New animation in Previewpane text
-Fixed over 60 Bugs!
-And a lot more!


-A Graphic Card that supports Aero effects
-Uxstyle patch [link]
-Disable blur [link]

How to support me (If you do really thanks):

-Give me points
-Give a Llama(I will give one back of course)
-Fav this work.


If you see any bug please report it so I can fix it.


© 2010 - 2021 Seahorsepip
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Still in Beta? 
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Development has stopped long ago.
Hey, ik this is kinda, well really old and im just getting into theme adjusting and installing and im having trouble with this one :(. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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This is one of the nicest and easiest to use everyday themes i have ever seen.

Only issue i am having is with the windows explorer conventional menu which is black text on a black bg.
Hi. How do I change the icons color to white like yours? Kinda' noob here. Thanks. :)
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get your hand son the token icon pack(browse deviantart) that consists of dark and light ones(white) then make shortcuts on your desktop to the programs you want and then go to the properties of those shortcuts and select the icon you want for the shortcut. Then drag the shortcut at your taskbar to pin it ^^ and your done!
sry I cant find the explorer.exe file for the new Taskbar in the zipfile

Or is there any other way to run the Taskbar wich is shown on the screenshot? :X

if somebody knows an anwser pls contact

Skype: roxonpro500

thanks ^^
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why need a custom explorer exe for this taskbar? Just use the visualstyle...

I aint dead, I'm still alive even though this deviation is old :P
ty for anwser,

well my taskbar looks like that:


I'd like to have the same Taskbar as on the screenshot :X

Ty ^^
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rightclick the taskbar->lock the taskbar->dots are gone
rightclick the taskbar->properties->check use small icons->small taskbar as shown on the preview
ty, now it looks like that:


But I still miss the Windowssymbol you got on the Screenshot and the dark blue Color.

ty D:
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Make sure to use "Day Line-mod" instead of "Day Line", and that windows logo can be found over here: [link]
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shp - "another winner !! - your work is alway's high quality and i appreciate creative, thoughtful details which personify excellence - pls feel free to continue to design great themes that are a tremendous contribution to windows customization - well done friend !!"
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Very nice theme indeed
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Sorry, but how install this theme ?

Thanks !
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sorry but you have to find that out yourself since this work is not supported anymore
there is a bug, when the superbar extend...
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err this theme is not really suppoerted anymore...
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Great Work...Looks Perfect Smooth Bro :)
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nice and clean! awesome job
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