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The Trio Meet

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I just wanted to finally get these three to meet so I can then have them hang out during Sunnyfest and complete some prompts and QUESTS >:0

Panel 1 - Bubbles sees a Bokkudo building a little home on the island she just found and decides to help her new neighbour. As a housewarming gift she rolls a big ole coconut up to them. Hush is a little surprised by this but accepts the gift (???) and when the Bettabo insists on helping further Hush sends her off on a quest for more leaves. Big ones.

Panel 2 - Bubbles finds those leaves but darn it they're too big for her to snap off and carry back (you can roll a coconut but you can't really roll a leave (lmao or can you >;3c)). ANYWAYS good news for her a Huge Draphibi that had been sauntering through the jungle sees her struggling and helps out. WOW Bubbles is making new friends left and right!

Panel 3 - Unfortunately Hush is a little less welcoming of this large frog that is much bigger than them as well as being one of their natural predators. Hush is ready to throw down with this imposing interloper (who isn't particularly impressed by their Battle Form display) while Bubbles tries to make peace between her two new BEST BUDS!!

I'll probably have to make a follow up piece to this to show that these three haven't killed each other lmao. Stay tuned!

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GreenCharisardStudent General Artist

Oh no don't slice up the phibi!

How is your art so good I'm just- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you Char <3<3<3

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HandHelldHobbyist Digital Artist

I really love these!!! The colors you use for your drawings always amaze me ;0;

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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist

Omg Hero! Thank you <333

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NerozhilaiHobbyist Digital Artist