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Shnells Ref Sheet

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Shnells are octopus or squid like creatures with shells, a pair of little claws, and four tentacles, and come in a large range of sizes from small enough to fit in the palm of your hand to almost 10 feet tall. They are telepathic and communicate to each other through thoughts.

Windkin like to keep them as companions, especially the smaller ones since they are very docile and friendly. They also have a very calming presence. Shnells remember the sound of the ocean and if the individual they are living with is having a stressful day they can beam the sound of the ocean into their mind to calm them.

Shnells can also be used for long distance communication. If two individuals each own a Shnell and those Shnells have a telepathic link they can send messages to each other on behalf of their non-Shnell companion. One could say they're a living... Shnell Phone :^D

Shnells seem to be just barely sapient, but it is hard to tell. They live very simple lives in the wild and whatever culture or society they might have is inscrutable to outsiders.

Their shells grow with them (no matter how big they get), even though these shells are found rather than developed upon birth. This is just how the planetary magic works. When surprised, frightened, or angry, Shnells will spew a colourful ink and speed away.

Sample of Traits


  • Shell in any spiral shape
  • 4 short tentacles
  • A pair of small crab claws
  • 2 eyes
  • Small sized (between 3 inches to half a foot)
  • The ability to spray a colourful cloud of ink in defence
  • Telepathy


  • Spikes on shell
  • Antennae
  • Gold accenting on shell and/or Shnell body
  • Large Claws
  • Long Tentacles
  • Ear fins (like a dumbo octopus)
  • Medium sized (between 1 foot to 3 feet)
  • Scales on Shnell body


  • Fused Shell (can come with horns and shell-like scales over body) - Note, shell can never change once it’s fused
  • Pearl/Opalescence (body and/or shell)
  • No Shell
  • Bioluminescence

Shnells are a closed species © Gisele Weaver (me)


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