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Pragon Ref Sheet

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Pearl Dragons or Prise Dragons depending on who you ask, though shortened to Pragons for simplicity's sake. They curl up very small and tight inside of their shells but can stretch large and even fly when outside of their portable homes.

Pragons are sentient, but not sapient. They tend to befriend other species and become like companions or pets. They are very amicable and can be easily taught to run deliveries or deliver messages as well as scout ahead for storms.

Pragons like to collect and keep treasures in their shells. Most often they’ll collect metals, coins, or gems and rarely they will even make their own pearl. Pragons will sometimes give these treasures to the one they are a companion to (you will have to re-purchase the trait again after the item is given away and you want another one for your Pragon).

Pragons cannot stay outside of water for too long, usually no more than a day, and hot sunny days are especially hard on their sensitive skin. Most Pragon owners will keep a fishbowl full of water on hand for their companions to rejuvenate inside of.

Sample of Traits


  • Small size (clam fits in the palm of a human hand, dragon is a little under 2 feet)
  • Plain simple shell (clam, oyster, scallop, etc shaped)
  • Muscle is 4 colours max
  • Shell is 2 colours max
  • Simple patterns (stripes, spots, zigzag, etc)
  • A pair of wings​ (simple, like a pterodactyl’s)


  • Holds a treasure, such as a coin or precious stone
  • Muscle is 6 colours max
  • Shell is 3 colours max
  • Unique but simple designs (stars, hearts etc)
  • Mother of pearl accents on shell
  • Medium size (clam is half a foot in size, dragon is around 3-4 feet)
  • horns on head (made of the same material as shell)


  • Unlimited colours on muscle or shell (pick one)
  • Metallic accents on shell
  • Holds a pearl they made themselves
  • Muscle or shell is semi transparent (choose one)
  • complex representational designs (filigrees, cloudy swirls, waves)
  • Bioluminescence
  • Large size (clam almost 3 feet in size, dragon between 6 and 9 feet tall) ​

Pragons are a Closed Species © Gisele Weaver (me)


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tessaryStudent Digital Artist

SO cute ;;;;;_;;;;;;

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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks Tess!

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How do you get one?

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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist

I'll be releasing adoptables soon.

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XoraithanHobbyist Digital Artist

Woah I really love this species!! I can’t wait to see more about them!!

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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you :D

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