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Get The Heck Outta Here!!

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Long before they found their new home in an abandoned treehouse (soon to turn teahouse) Cham and Chai found a bunch of tasty blueberries and decided to have little picnic.

Unfortunately the Blushwood was infested with Flying Hecks that time of year and if they saw anyone eating something tasty they would flock towards them and honk for scraps. For any bigger creature wild Flying Hecks are nothing more than an annoyance, but to a small draphibi it gets a bit more complicated.

Cham didn't have to worry about getting eaten, she would have taken more than one gulp to go down, but her Chai was a different story. Chai was bite sized and scared and screaming, and some of the Hecks seemed to like the idea of having a little bit of protein along with these berries.

Cham didn't like that and let these interlopers know what the heck was up.

For the Dragoon Discovery prompt.

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