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An Unexpected Bedfellow

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Lich awoke from a deep winty sleep.
After grabbing onto and then being rebuked by that Bunbii back in Auter he had lost sight of his cave, and so like his namesake had affixed himself to a tree to survive the harsh cold. Warm air caressed him in his slumber and he stretched his wings wide with a mighty creak and crack after months of deep sleep. A pinch, nothing like the feeling of a bone cracking, alerted him to a small creature that had similarly affixed itself to his right arm with its mouth. The small critter seemed furious about it's own rude awakening. The Gnut had been sleeping in the folds of Lich's wings, also keeping warm during the deep cold. For a moment Lich considered eating the beast for breakfast but looking into those willy eyes he felt a kinship with it. Lich moved the Gnut to latch on to one of his frills and took off to look for food for himself and his new little buddy.


Our Boy Has Got A Friend! What Sins Will They Commit??

(edit: added Lich's nubbin' tail)


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Awesome job :)
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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist
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tessaryStudent Digital Artist
GNUT..BITE!!! god i love it
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SeagullpendragonProfessional Digital Artist
hehe I'm glad >:]c 

The Boys Are Back In Town