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Shylocked: Written Interlude 1
With each step he became more and more irritable. He ignored all the inquisitive looks on all the vacant faces that seemed to suddenly line the streets.
A baker took some photos. He knew the man was a baker due to the flour and sugar on his sleeves, an egg stain on his shirt (probably from having a half-apron at work) and some melted chocolate on his shoes. God, he needed a case.
The cute little creature (this admittance was loathsome) never wavered in her pace. The odd gait suggested her left hind leg was weaker than the others, but it was so slight he doubted anyone actually noticed. With growing annoyance it reminded him of John and when they had first met - Afghanistan or Iraq? Then, she started to hum. For some inexplicable reason he began to recall John typing up his blog.
Finally he stopped and he felt the creature's nose slightly on his clothing fabric. The mean part of him was bitterly disappointed she hadn't rammed her stupid cute nose into his leg. The rest of him was reliev
:iconseagoingstorm:SeagoingStorm 1 0


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Okay, so I got really sick and was laid up until the beginning of April, and then Mother Nature decided to give me a gift that was more cramps than usual so I ended up in bed for almost a week for that.

And then I lost my tablet. And lost my laptop cable so it couldn't recharge.

But I found everything, charged everything, and I'm healthy, so I should be back to normal now.

Yes, yes I do get sick often. :iconfluttershysadplz:

But I'm roaring to go! :iconfluttershyyayplz:


Anna Lydia
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I'm an author who is a nerd. My one great nerdy love is Doctor Who. I am going to transform my front door into a TARDIS - whenever I get said front door XD (Thanks :iconninjacatrocks: for the idea on how to do it!)

My dream is to travel to England. I decided enough waiting already, and I'll do it this summer... if I get enough commissions. Yeah, I'm probably not going anywhere, but I'm optimistic!

Among my other loves are Resident Evil, Power Rangers, Minecraft, the Sims (arrrg glitches!) My Little Pony, Star Trek, and Sailor Moon.

This account is for: cosplay, fan fiction, game snapshots (think Minecraft) and connecting with fellow nerds.

My original fiction account:


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Look! Improviment! I tried drawing fluttershy again!…
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:) Hope you're not mad it took forever for me to reply.
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It's ok!!
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