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= YCH = Playful - SOLD


SOLD to Xana-Akai

Will happily make changes to build / fur etc. and add any accessories your character has!
This does NOT include wings unless they are very small.
Background is of course not final and will be fully rendered. 

If interested, please comment below with your character reference. 
YCH will be painted as soon as payment is received. 
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If this isn’t sold, could you change it to two feline characters?

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I'm afraid it has sold now! Hopefully will have some more for sale later on this month <3

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I'm curious to know, would you accept to change the sizes of the characters a bit? ~

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Absolutely not a problem! I can make any changes necessary :)

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Would this two characters work? on the tree on the ground

Xana is a lot bigger that James, you can see the size difference here so this is what would need to be changed in the drawing ~

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A few of those links are not working for me, comes up with "invalid character selected".

I'm sure that would be perfectly fine to change the sizes, though please try sending Xana's ref again ^_^ and the size comparison link!

The link for James works fine

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Aah this is because you have to be logged in to see them, I can give you a code for free if you wish? c:

But there is them:


Size difference:

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Perfect thank you! Yes sadly I do not have an account yet on there, think it's invite only :c

Note me with your paypal email and we can sort out payment and details etc. ^_^

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Aww I have a few invie codes so I will give you one <3


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