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When I Fade

I'm in a rough patch at the moment so I wanted to paint something for myself before I continue with my commissions c:

Art (c) Seadraz
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>.> I apologize for reacting so late

but this is absolutely gorgeous! :clap:

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this is amazing I love your style! do you take requests?

Me passa a imagem de um processo de mudança, desprendendo-se de formas e formatos. Parabéns!

This is an Awesome picture. So beautiful the detail

I love your work. It goes form a tight focus at the face and dissipates leaving the viewer to wonder: Is the tighter coming into existence, or has something finally caught up to him and ending its existence?


I trust you're doing admirably I simply needed to reveal to you the amount I love your craft and particularly the last some photographs

Don't hesitate to message me back when you are free I got a kick out of the chance to associate with somebody like you and I did to help you since I realize it very well may be at some point be truly difficult to Earn cash online regardless of the entirety of the difficult work you put into your craft

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impressive work :love:

what an intense shampoo :O

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Very cool work!

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The head is so realistic

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Damn spammers again. At least do it in notes, not in comments.

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Haha I feel this! I need to report it when I get home LOL
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This so cool, and beautiful.

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This is amazing, and very unique! I cannot get over how well executed the idea was, too!! :jawdrop:

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Thank you kindly! <3

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np ^w^ i hope u get out of ur rough patch D8

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Thank you! Me too :c

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when all else fails, draw skeletons? O.o

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