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The Witch Dealer

Commission for ThexTempest

Thank you so much for supporting me! <3

Characters (c) ThexTempest
Art (c) Seadraz
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Wow your art is really pretty!
BTW will you ever continue the flower fell comic?
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Thank you kindly! <3

I am hoping to, but it really depends on donations to fund it, so I'll be starting up a patreon for the comic soon! Keep an eye open for updates especially over the summer ^_^

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Can't you use a free program perhaps? Before I managed to get csp I used medibang which is a free Manga program and very good.
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Oh its not about that, it's the time that goes into making it. I just cannot afford it unless it can pay for my insurance, tax, bills etc.

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I see, makes sense. Well, I hope people can afford to support you, maybe make a Kofi acc too if you don't have one.
Good luck and I hope you'll continue the comic on spare time even if it doesn't make as much money as you'd like. ^^
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Thank you so much I have made one and will be advertising and launching stuff soon ^_^

Hopefully I'll have spare time for it eventually but until then its on hold ahhhh life is annoying T_T

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Life just goes downhill when you start highschool.
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This is too true :')

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Holy crap, such detail. Great job!

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Thanks so much!!

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