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Happy Halloween!

Featured Cyanide again here, as it is a habit come this time of year. I also wanted to show my progression of painting from last year's piece which is available below.
Thank you for viewing and have a good one!

2017:                    2013:
Anxiety by Seadraz  Nightmare by Seadraz

Art (c) Seadraz
Cyanide (c) Seadraz

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Cyanide is such an amazing character, and you are such an amazing artist!
Combined? Oh my goshhhhhh perfection! :heart:
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Wow thank you very much! I'm glad you are fond of him :heart:
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You're very welcome! :heart:
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This is gorgeous! I love the colours you've used! :)
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Thank you very much! :heart: :hug:
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WOW Its Gorgeous 
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Thank you very much!
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Every picture with Cyanide has this special deeper meaning I'm not able to grasp. 
Another amazing drawing!
Although, I think the first one with Bluegrass was kinda the best, every single one is amazing!

I especially like the color...The vibrant red looks dangerous. I really wonder: What's happening!
The image kinda contradicts the title, imo. It looks a bit more as if  he is being destroyed rather than reborn.

Good job! :clap:
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That's good cause he certainly does have a lot of meaning for me :aww:
And thank you so much lovely! :heart:
Yeah I always loved that one personally, it really was a special painting for me, maybe I'll redraw it at some point.

That's a good point, I  suppose you could look at it either way, I wanted to give the impression that the flesh was wrapping around the bones as he was 'coming to life' but who knows really!

Thank you again :huggle:
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You're welcome! :heart:

I remember when you uploaded the drawing with Bluegrass and Cyanide you didn't feel so well. It's always good to let all the frustration out and I think drawing is a great way to do it. I guess all the passion you put into the drawing shows :)

I haven't thought of it that way, but I guess you're right. There's no sign the flesh goes off or on the bones. Maybe it's a "glass is half-full or half-empty" thing? :D

Not at all again! :iconletmehugyouplz:
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Yeah I remember too, it was so long ago that's crazy to think about! 
Aww thank you so much though, yeah I agree, drawing is amazing when you have tons of emotions to let out :nod:

Hmmm something that the viewer would have to make their mind up upon looking at it, I like that!
It's fun seeing how others interpret the piece ^^

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It has been a while, indeed. Time sure flies by. 
You seem to be all better now compared to back then. I'm glad you are :huggle:

Drawing is my only cure for feeling down. When I feel down, I draw something bloody and I'm all good. :D

I'm striving to create art that everyone interprets differently...but I always feel I'm not there yet ^^;
Good job! :clap: 
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Ahh absolutely wonderful <3 happy spoopytime!
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Thank you so much! You too lovely :heart:
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You are so very welcome <3 Thanks!
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That dual lighting is beautifully done! Excellent work. :D
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Thank you very much! :D :heart:
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Thank you! ^^
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