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Commission for Fellefan

I had a lot of fun making this, it's been awhile since I did a more scenery focused painting and this has been very refreshing!
Thank you so much for your support <3

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Patreon ~>

Art (c) Seadraz
Character (c) Fellefan
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Very beautiful!!! I'm excited for my commission!!
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gaaah it's just SO perfect!! ♥ the way you captured my fantasy vision so well is just astonishing, those mountains are everything I could have wanted and MORE. the sharp curved peaks, the floating rock being pulled out of the earth by an unknown force and frozen in place, and the SKY! perfectly cloudy with a brilliant sun shining through ;A; all the details are amazing from the soft cloud-mist rolling over the mountain bases, the thick snow blanketing the ground, and the cute little prints in the snow!

and I haven't even mentioned lovely Aluna herself yet! *-* you captured her snow leopard form sooo well, making her beautiful and mysterious, a gorgeous creature on a mission! on the move, ready to take flight after a brief break to catch her breath, locking sights on the journey ahead of her.

gosh I could tell so many stories based on this artwork alone, thank you SO so very dearly for this absolutely amazing painting!! ;o; ♥

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Woah. Very surreal and powerful vibes. Loving this one.

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Wonderful mood and scenery!

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