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[Flowerfell] Chapter 05 - Page 00


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orchid and leafs r by DiegoVainilla Start from the Beginning orchid and leafs l by DiegoVainilla

Finally decided to do some cover art for this! It's just the Chapter 2 cover for now but hopefully I'll get Chapter 1 done too and at some point an actual cover for the whole comic...I didn't plan this through well ^^;
I know it's not an additional page but I hope you appreciate the filler art anyways :aww: :heart:

Have a good day! :iconseadraz:

The Flowerfell comic is a tribute to Siviosanei's AU and fanfiction 'Overgrowth'. The story doesn't belong to me and my art only serves to bring the story to life.
Any extra scenes or dialogue are there to help explain motivations, fill plot holes or give characters a 3D feel. The overarching story and plots will stay the same.

Art (c) Me
Flowerfell (c) Siviosanei
Undertale (c) Toby Fox


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artsy-kyth's avatar
wait why does it say Chapter 5 instead of 2?
LonelyFlowerInField's avatar
These look like movie covers! They're really good!
Seadraz's avatar
Aww wow thank you kindly! ^^
GoatBear1's avatar
Ah, hells yeah!
lilyliod's avatar
this cover is so beautiful :heart:
Seadraz's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
IcyFireReaper's avatar
it beautiful if it was a bookmark
Seadraz's avatar
That is actually a really good idea! :heart:
IcyFireReaper's avatar
:D glad that was a good idea
Cortneythedanzel's avatar
Your art is Flawless as always T^T
Seadraz's avatar
Daww thank you kindly I am so glad you think so! :aww:
nightthevampire's avatar
-rubs hands together- this is gonna be good
Seadraz's avatar
Hahaha, and so it begins ;D
Oukan's avatar
Ok seriously....THIS LOOKS FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :la: Can't wait to see more! :D Keep up the amazing work!
Seadraz's avatar
Wow really?? Thank you so much I really appreciate it! :hug:
Seadraz's avatar
Awesome!!! I'm exited for more of your awesome art! 
Seadraz's avatar
Great to hear it! I'm glad it turned out okay :dummy:
S0raxxDA's avatar
This is awesome! Love
Seadraz's avatar
Thank you very much!
ValA8057's avatar
oh my god yes yes yes Woohooooo! 
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