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[Flowerfell] COVER


~ :bulletyellow: [Flowerfell] :bulletyellow: ~


1: You're Best Friend
2: Uncomfortable Truths
3: Exit to Your Left
4: Fateful Meetings
5: Painful Puzzles
6: Suspicions
7: Grillby's

A database for the chapters, not all are up here of course, it's just what I have fleshed out story wise in my notes so far. More will appear later!

Art (c) Me
Flowerfell (c) Siviosanei
Undertale (c) Toby Fox

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(fyi Siviosanei isn't the Creator of Flowerfell... only an AT based off the first images of it that is known as Overgrowth; the artwork is stunning nonetheless)

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It's such a great cover I love it! A lot of people give me crap for shipping Sans with Frisk, but I think it's adorable! Obviously I don't ship Frisk with Sans when they're a kid, but when they're older yes.

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youre the creator of this au??

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No, that person is merely making comics based on overgrowth which is based on flowerfell, flowerfell is the au.… that link explains everything i has already quite s few times read it over trying to understand it. Repeated theft and things made it impossible to read overgrowth freely, though it is available for one dollar to access everything. You can hear a audio reading on it, on youtube. that link where you can hear it being read. Yea, i really tried understanding this.

Im so confused with the chapter set up. So none of them are officially finished? And where are the other remaining chapter like? Like "suspicious" Or "grillbz"? Unless they're not finished either?


I love the art btw!! What do you use?!

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I don't know xD
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It looks AMAZING
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome! ^^
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They are not all finished yet
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Aaaahhh, this looks gorgeous. Love how many characters you can find here - starting from Asgore's looming shadow at the very top. We have the castle, Hotland, Waterfall, Snowdin and even Ruins with the flowers! Amazing idea!
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I tried my very best to shove as much in there as possible haha really wanted people to look at it :D
Thank you very much though :hug: :heart:
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This is truly amazingHeart 
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Thank you kindly!
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ey kiddo, nothing personal
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Ohhh gosh <3 Wonderfully pretty Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] 
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