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Daily Paint #12


Okay so bought my programme again and it's all working amazing, even got a killer discount and extra free brushes :la:
So this is the first test using the updated Corel Painter 2019. As it's been a few weeks out of arting, I'm gonna paint a bit before returning to the outstanding commissions and gifts I have left to do. This is so as my performance is at it's best!

Thank you all for being so patient with me, I do absolutely appreciate the support :heart: 

Have a lovely week all! :wave:

Art (c) Seadraz

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This looks stunning!
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The detail on the face is amaziinngg~~  just it's amazing~~!
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WOOOT FOR SUCCESS!! That's the bummer thing about computers and programs; they're updating and changing constantly, so things that stop updating eventually tend to stop working. An annoying side effect of progress. But hey, glad you were able to overcome it and are making your way back! One month really isn't that long for such a big turnover, so don't worry about it. I'm just glad the new setup is doing you good so far.
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that pegasus is so cute!!!
its a beautifal drawing you made!!!
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Good morning friend, really beautiful!!!!!!!. 
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