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Happy Halloween!
A little bit of seasonal and personal artwork here. Featuring Cyanide, I wanted to portray my frustrations, anxieties and depression all together as I'm in a lot of deep water at the moment. The Uni has messed up my year and have penalized me for it, I don't have any money and I'm struggling day to day getting so much done for my appeals, bills and just affording food to eat.
I also have a lot of health issues at the moment which I cannot afford time nor money for treatment so that is also very frustrating!
But onwards and upwards...right?


Art (c) Seadraz
Cyanide (c) Seadraz
Time: 10hrs
Corel Painter and Wacom Tablet
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OH man bro your artwork is so beautiful!!!
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DAAAAAAAAAAAMN I haven't checked out your account in a while.

holy shit you have improved o_o
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This is amazing! All those feels. The panic and desperate struggle of gaining freedom.
Perfect use of pose, perspective, and colors :clap:

I hope things are getting better soon for you :huggle:
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Oh, sweetheart... I hope you managed and still manage to go through all the difficulties in your life and I hope that drawing this piece made it easier for you to fight all the terrible thoughts and your depression. Because girl, this piece of yours, although the message very strong and wow, it really hit me, is WONDERFUL. I love how he broke the chains and I hope you do the same with your problems... Break the hold of the depression, anxiety, private problems, everything else that is holding you back aND FIGHT BACK! PUNCH THEM RIGHT IN THE FACE! JUST LIKE THAT! YESSS!! :heart: 

Alrighty. But Cyanide still looks SO AMAZING! I can't. I love this horsey so much!
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I saw this piece on Tumblr and I noticed that the horse's mane's color is similar to that in your avatar. A really good and productive way to combat your anxieties and depression, hun. I hope this helped because it sure as hell looks as if it took a lot of bad vibes out and flew away from you (and broke the chains).

Onwards, sweetheart!
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Aha good spot, he is indeed similar! He's meant to be like a darker side of Bluegrass (the one featured in my avatar) and meant to represent decay and depression. Both of my OC's can be seen here:
Can We Be...Friends? by Seadraz Nightmare by Seadraz
And thank you! It certainly did feel good to get all the frustration out! I don't know why but art is just so good for that especially when you have no words left to describe it :O
The broken chains are part of breaking free as you guessed :meow:

And upwards hun!
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:omg: I really love this! The effects and dynamic pose is awesome and the shading of the chains, they look like real O.o :love:
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Wow thank you! I'm so happy to hear this from such an established equine artist as yourself! :heart::aww:
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Aaaw, you are so sweeet! :tighthug:
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oh my god I love this guy  La la la la 
So does my sister    Hug 
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Daww thank you kindly! I'm so glad you both live this guy :hug:
*Cyanide gives you a hug too*
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AWWWWW!!! La la la la  We love him too :happybounce: Hug 
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That's amazing! *0*
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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Love this, As you can tell from my icon, I like horse skull ocs. The glow effect is really well done.
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Thank you! :aww:
Oh they are some of the most creative to be honest! 
Glad you love it though :heart:
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Thank you very much! :la::hug:
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