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Mature content
Haunted by my own actions and hatred (READ DESC.) :iconswaggie--vortex:Swaggie--Vortex 6 29

1) Her full name is Charlotte Louise Valentine.. She goes by Charley.
2) Her personality: she’s very sarcastic, and of course, a sassy piece of work. She stands up to everyone, even Nergal. She wasn’t scared of him when she first saw him. She calls him “fuzzy face” cause of his beard XD Nergal calls her the “worst kid ever” 
3) She’s 16 years old. Her birthday is soon in the story and she turns 17 in the middle of the plot.
4) She’s not very lady like....she burps, chews with her mouth open....she’s basically the complete opposite of Ingrid, who she becomes best friends with
5) She was frightened by Lennox when she first saw him since she associated him with “stereotypical” red demons that she would “watch in movies”. 
6) She’s straight. But she is not paired with anyone in the series. Romance isn’t her thing.
:iconlittlemissdevil21:LittleMissDevil21 12 20
Ozzy, she is important u know? by Waackery Ozzy, she is important u know? :iconwaackery:Waackery 263 30 Bouncy (Animation Test) by GabythePurpleSheep Bouncy (Animation Test) :icongabythepurplesheep:GabythePurpleSheep 35 22 Just a normal Day in Class by KarlaDraws14 Just a normal Day in Class :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 345 37 Skeleton Avenger: We Slay Hard, We Slay Together by SeriesArtiststarter Skeleton Avenger: We Slay Hard, We Slay Together :iconseriesartiststarter:SeriesArtiststarter 8 3 A GIRL AND HER DEMON ( CHARLOTTE REDESIGN) by LittleMissDevil21 A GIRL AND HER DEMON ( CHARLOTTE REDESIGN) :iconlittlemissdevil21:LittleMissDevil21 83 58


MEMES: Okay, This Is Funnier.
While this was funny (…) it’s this one that kills me. Oh, Demoman, Why do you have to be so goddam funny.

If you don’t mind “Drug Made” SFMs, then watch this and try not to laugh (It’s virtually impossible):…

This moment was created by STblackST, a funny SFM maker who makes TF2 SMFs Which are VERY funny.
Dillydale Kindergarten (TNMMS Baby AU)
I loved this piece of artwork so much, I made something like “an unofficial sequel”.

Inspiration:… by LittlemissDrums

Daww! Everyone of them looks like little jellybeans, especially Mr. Kind and Miss. Cute. I also did MORE than just my lil’ sweeties, I included my fav OCs and “babyifed” em’.

Since I did most of the writing in Japanese (and yes, I did ALL of it on Google Translate, obviously.), Here’s the translation from top right to bottom left:

- Mr. Disater: Woah!

- Miss. Gossip: *Blah Blah Blah* (She’s talking trash again)

- Very Small (Well, maybe)

- Miss. Demonic and Mr. Bad: *Insert evil chuckle here*

- Miss. Positive: Wanna Hug? Me: Yes plz!

- Mr. Laughter: *Baby Giggles*

- Mr. Interested: He’s a nervous lil’ guy when he caught.

- Miss. Cute is a Very Cute Darling, Very Cute.

- Cool Miss. Radical, also, que “Pixelated Sunglasses” meme.

- Mr. Problem: She is annoying! (Refers to Miss Idiot), Miss. Insanity: *Raspberry*

- Mr. Stuntman: I am so strong that I can lift up an man. *lifts up Mr. Normal*, Miss. Gossip: ❤️My Hero!❤️, Mr. Normal: ?

- Miss. Bashful: *Wraps herself in Miss. Persona’s Scarf* Feels like home, comfy home.

- Mr Energetic: Doesn’t she look cute?, Miss Cute: *Squeak*, Me: 💀 (R.I.P, died of overdose of adorableness)

- Miss. Demonic and Mr. Bad: *Insert Hero mocking laugh here*, Miss Accident and Mr. Disater: *Knocked Out*

- This scene is Mr. Interested meeting Mr. Kind for the first time, Mr. Kind is just a gentleman.

- Well, Mr. Laughter is Laughing Hysterically, nothing new.

- Miss. Clumsy and Miss. Artisic create some a painting of a Horned Hippocampus (Mermaid + Unicorn = Horned Hippocampus, Logic complete)

- Mr. Stuntman: So, What do you think? (Refers to Miss. Active), Me: Perfect! Miss. Active would just love to be a daredevil, maybe.

- Miss. Insanity: Alligator!, Miss Seadra: No, it’s obviously a crocodile. (And look, it’s me, sort of)

- Mr. and Miss. Kind Together, maybe they could be cousins, because they’re pink, different types of pink.

- Me: *Da-Da DAH!* This tiny squad of dress-up is known as “Little Hero Squad”, comprised of Madam Sunshine (Miss. Positive, the “Superman” of the group), Strech Gal (Miss. Childish, kinda a combination of Spider-Man and Elasta Girl), Dr. Bandage (Mr. Problem, pretty much based on Bruce Banner/Hulk, Obvious much), Darette (Miss. Insanity, homage Harley Quinn) and Sea Queen (Miss. Clumsy, the girly version of Aquaman)

- Miss. Gossip: Bandages are SOOO last century!, Miss Accident and Mr. Disater: *Not, happy*

- Mr. Laughter: *Points to Jack-in-the-Box* Friend! (See? Clowns can be friendly too.)

- Miss. Spy (BLU Spy): So, looking for something important? (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist putting something Tf2/Mr. Men related, so here is Miss. Spy and Sniper together.)

- Mr. Stuntman: I Want Malt Milkshake! (This reminds me of my lil’ sister, just wants, Wants, WANTS!!!)

Idea belongs to LittlemissDrums.
Miss. Radical belongs to swaggie—Vortex
Miss. Kind belongs to Teaganm
Miss. Idiot belongs to dmonahan9
Miss. Persona belongs to ArtistDoodles
Mr. Normal belongs to Percyfan94
Miss. Artistic and Miss. Active belongs to dear old friend, LittleMissArtistic
...And everyone else belongs to me! *Collapses*

Sorry everyone that it took too much time to make this but thanks for waiting!

Hey Everybody, it’s been over 6 month since I was here and I decided to finally to reveal myself...

Just Curious... (Seadragirl12 ID 2018) by Seadragirl12 8e16aa38-3497-4d5c-b1c9-0f70ba749b42 by Seadragirl12 A4e861c0-824d-4715-b5c6-edb609fdcf87 by Seadragirl12
(Left, Avatar of me, Middle, A Self Portrait of me, and Right, my Real-life Self)

Boom! Me in the flesh, I know I don’t look much like my avatar but it’s hard to replicate yourself in art, for the middle one I pretty much traced myself, heh, I definitely not the prettiest thing, anyways...

So, what do you need to know about me:

  • Obviously, I’m an artist - 
Why else am I here, okay, all jokes aside, you probably know that I started drawing when I was approx. 2 years old but what you didn’t know is what I first drew, and it was this...

1696cc08-4f9e-4012-88ec-694ee03827fb by Seadragirl12 0fb2e3cb-9a16-4653-92ca-85ead9cc35fe by Seadragirl12

(My “First” drawing and Neon the Hero, making a nice 4th wall-break Joke)

The drawing on the right is my first (Maybe?) character, Neon the Hero, he’s an Alien from Planet X, but I’ll talk more about him later but you can see the similarities, and actually this was unintentional, which is funny.


  • I’m Autistic - 
Also known as ASD or Autsim Spectrum Disorder, it means “A serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.”

So what I have it? I don’t really care, but I don’t like when I’m called stupid or insane, because those aren’t true, I’m smart, heck, I handle maths like it first nature while everyone struggles, it’s actually amusing and I’m not insane, I’m different that’s all. It doesn’t matter if you have ASD or Asperger Syndrome (AD) like InkelyTheHedeling13, It’s the talents that’s makes you special! And also, it’s fun to be different, eh?

  • I’m Very inspired by the media (Tv, video games, etc.), Friends and Watchers - 
 Most if not all my series are based on something, whether it’s a Video Game, Movie, Book, Something like that but mainly they’re two types of Ideas with me. There is the Remix/Remake/Fan-“like” Ideas and there is the “sort of” Original Ideas. Most of art is part of my multiple series. But since I got on this place, Friends and Watchers like you have inspired more of me.

Thus, one of the greatest catchphrases I’ll probably say:

“I’m the inspiration that gets inspired.”

(I feel like I ripped it off somebody)

  • I’m a Lover of Memes (Good Ones), Puns, references and, Best of all YTPs - 

  Seriously, if you didn’t notice, slap your self in the face (please don’t, I’m kidding) but yeah, whether it’s the thought-provoking “[Something], [Something] Everwhere.” or the funny “ITS SPHERICAL!!!” I always love a good meme (unless it’s the Snapchat hotdog or “WHY WERN’T AT ELF PRACTICE?!”, then they’re terrible.)

46efc1b2-a8da-4bd0-835c-f28fc74741e3 by Seadragirl12 5d54ca1b-9022-4093-a5e7-0f2f1ca00a3c by Seadragirl12

(Left: [Something], [Something] Everwhere and Right: The Layzor Mouth/I’m a firing mah Layzor)

But when you mix Memes, References, Sentence Mixing and Editing Magic and Hilarity and...

Ka-Zam! The ultimate drug to me that is, YTPs! And here are some of my favourites that you should watch (If you’re aloud on YouTube, *chuckles* and sorry if you don’t like these, but this my “Meet the Artist” so, just let me talk)


Based on: Moana 
Warning: Swearing (which most do), Drug References, Epilepsy and VERY LOUD SOUNDS.

B7a97444-1ffc-4884-94e6-a8336a4037b0 by Seadragirl12…

Not to brag but this is the best YTP Collab I ever seen, just watch it and let it explain for yourself.   

Strange Things are Happening.   

Based on: Toy Story  
Warning: Swearing (which most do), Adult References, Epilepsy and VERY LOUD SOUNDS.

21d3ad13-9d82-4617-8aac-21d19981d9d6 by Seadragirl12

(Thumbnail, Video Link:…)

While YTP You are a Sad Strange Little Man and it’s Squeal is good, it’s this one I love of the Toy Story YTPs.

The Saucerer of Agrabah   

Based on: Aladdin   
Warning: Swearing (which most do), Adult References, Epilepsy. 

 D3d3926a-3602-4a11-b84f-41f2808b9935 by Seadragirl12

(Thumbnail, Video Link:…)

While most people know YTP Aladdin commits (Suicide), I prefer this Underrated Aladdin YTP and I believe some of the things that the genie does is actually should have happened, like th 3-headed Genie going “Lamp!”     

Monsters on Acid and Toys on Acid   

Based on: Monster Inc. and Toy Story    
Warning: Swearing (which most do), Adult References, Epilepsy and VERY LOUD SOUNDS.
4720c821-f496-4c0b-8065-ec572c35a667 by Seadragirl12 8ff44277-30a0-4876-949e-4fa27a694e8b by Seadragirl12

(Thumbnail, Video Link: Monsters -…, Toys -…)

Hey WiccaThornyHorns, I wonder if this is the most accurate depictions of “Watching this movie with Acid”, Since I heard you are drug expert, but just warning ya, this as a lot of, err, C0C jokes. Best to wear headphones or your dead. Get what I mean?  

But yeah, I could go on for days about YTPs but let continue about me. Also, these may destroy your childhood. Watch with EXTREME caution and care.

  • I’m a big fan of The Hulk (A Very Cancerous love of him) - 

  When you a fan of one the most powerful and creative superheroes of all time, things can get interesting. Like, if you haven’t noticed, Spruce Planter is based on the intelligence and multiple personalities of Bruce Banner and, of course, for Gamma Plant, the Super Strength of The Hulk.  

Let me tell you something, he’s not my first Hulk Mutant, that would be Hulson, but yeah, this is probably one of the biggest “skeletons” my closet of secrets, and that’s I make too many “Hulk Mutants”, Good they’re spread out in different continuities.

309a9fa9-88be-4bc4-8dec-47a9eaf218cb by Seadragirl12
(Hulson, my first “Hulk Mutant”)

I also like Deadpool too, with his constant 4th wall breaking but you can guess I like Marvel more than DC, however there is one thing I like about DC and that the Multiple Lantern Corps, because you can make a great Sub-Universe out of it.

  • And finally, I’m a lover of 90s-00s Rap - 

  This is the biggest point I try to “Hammer” into people’s heads, however, doesn’t mean I won’t listen to 2010s Rap because there are Rappers I will still listen to (Like Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore) but one song ruined my respect for this era of rap and that’s “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump, Ugh...

But doesn’t mean I’ll listen purely to rap, I also like 00s RnB, they have PLENTY of good songs, it’s just annoying now that most of the popular rappers suck these days.

The Many Ideas for Animated Series:

While most people here have one/two Ideas, my mind  has been generating a lot of Ideas since about 2009 (maybe longer,

who knows?! ) but here are some ideas:

(Also to note, there is not much context to these sketches so don’t judge them much, I’ll explain more as separate artworks)

Ideas I’ve shown already: 

  • The Cup Cousins:

Pretty much the future events of Cuphead series, the story would mainly revolve around Cherry Soda and Sea Tea’s misadventures across the Inkwell Isles of the 50’s.

The Cup Cousins - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Cuphead/Some of Karla’s Fan Children
Genre: Adventure?/Comedy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes, drug references)
If you like: Old 30s Rubberhose Animation Cartoon (Like Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor, etc.)
Type: Squeal (Of Cuphead)/Fan Idea  

  • Gemssona Tales:

A future spin-off of Steven Universe, the story tells about Phona (Phoenix Lapis Lazuli) who commands a group of rebel gems to stop The Secret Authority, The Diamond Authority’s last resort plan.

Gemsona Tales - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Steven Universe
Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Comedy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes)
If you like: Steven Universe 
Type: Spin-off/AU (of Steven Universe) 

  • Plant vs. Zombies Heroes: the animated series (TV series) and PvZH: The New Recruits Update (Video Game):

Pretty much the misadventures/fights between two teams, the moaning, half-dead, comedic Zombie Heroes and the intelligent, very powerful, overgrown Plant Heroes. 
PvZH: The Animated Series - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Both based on Plant vs. Zombies Heroes
Genre: Action/Comedy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes, dark humour [Rarely happens, but you kinda guess it would have a little])
If you like: Team Titans (2003-2006)
Type: Spin-off/Fan Idea

  • The New Mr. Men Show:

A few years after the original series, everything seem fine in Dillydale, but now, New Mr. Men and Little Misses are going to have fun, see all the misadventures they get up to.

The New Mr. Men Show - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: The Mr. Men Show
Genre: Comedy
Rating (AUS system): G (Some scenes may scare younger children)
If you like: The Mr. Men Show (2008)
Type: Squeal (Of The Mr. Men Show [2008])/Fan Idea

  • Chaka Power!:

A combine of “magic school girl anime” genre and slight bit of Hinduism (Which is where Charkras come from), it’s a story of Amy and her friends as they have to stop the great evil know as The Khaos, with some magic Chaka stone and “friendship” (*sarcastic* yay.), will they will save the and finish their homework in time? 

Chaka Power! - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: “Magic School Girl Anime” Genre/Charkras and Hinduism
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, Religious themes)
If you like: Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
Type: Original Idea  

  • Hotel Transylvania: The Adventures of Dennis the Human-pire:

Dennis, the dhampir (which sounds weird), or better know as a Human-pire and his lovely friends as they go on misadventures around the hotel or beyond the walls. Meeting New and Old guests along the way.

Hotel Transylvania: TADH - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Hotel Transylvania 2 and onwards
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes)
If you like: Hotel Transylvania 2 and Hotel Transylvania - The Animated Series 
Type: Squeal (Of Hotel Transylvania 2)/Fan Idea  

  • Splatoon Kids:

Heiwa-lan City, a city in Neo-Japan (which is mashed into China), two kids, Sunny (Firefly Inkling) and Duska (Dumbo Octoling) live their teenage lives in this gigantic city of all different inklings, whether squid or not.

Splatoon Kids - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: The Splatoon Franchise 
Genre: Action/Comedy/Sci-fi
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes, swearing)
If you like: Splatoon and Splatoon 2
Type: Fan Idea  

  • The Tales of Cala-bis:

The Misadventures of Cala-bis, a 16 years old (in Earth years, 28 years old) and her Friend (or pet, as most people call him) Sanjo. Whether bumping into Rica and Broccoli Babe or the other residents of this drugged-up City. Just grab a blunt (weed term), sit on a comfy beanbag and relax.

The Tales of Cala-bis - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Unfortently, Me and Najat have a bit of an argument on this spin-off, if she likes it, then it will one of “my” offical ideas (cross my fingers it is) but Trippin’ in HippiesVille is officially WiccaThornyHorns’s Plan/Idea, so thank Her for this very influential Series!

Based: Trippin’ in HippiesVille, created by @WackyTrippieHippie 
Genre: Comedy/Sci-fi
Rating (AUS system): M (Moderate violence, sexual themes, swearing, Drug use)
If you like: Trippin’ in HippiesVille - Mega Series
Type: Spin-off/Fan Idea  

Ideas now I’m gonna show ya:

Two things I wanna warn you about:

A. Most of these are like Pre-School/Edicational, So please don’t judge me, but I always had a passion to teach lil’ kids Science, English, Etc. Stuff but not in a “boring” cartoon way, so these are my interpretations of my fav SUBjects.

B. The Last two are going to be quite controversial because they’re three characters that are “Hulk Mutants”, and I’m a little nervous how your going to feel about it. (Hope people don’t kill me for this, ) 

Here we go!

  • The Grammar Heroes:

In the City of Spellinton, people are starting to lose their connection with Grammar, So Grandma Gammar assigns a group of beings to return proper grammar to the city and the world. With Nathan Noun, Victor Verb, Anna Adjective, Amy Adverb, The Pronouns (He, She and It), Penelope Preposition, Conner Conjunction, Amelia Article, Peter Punctuation and Edward Exclamation, they will try to defeat their greatest enemies: Erase-Anna, Spellor the Jumble Monster and the Anti-heroes/Villains, The Rule Breakers.  

Grammar Heroes - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Go Jetters! (Slightly)/Grammar - English 
Genre: Educational 
You learn about: Grammar, Spelling.
Rating (AUS system): G (Very Mild Violence)
If you like: Go Jetters
Type: Original Idea   

  • The Hater-eteers:

The Hater-eteers are group of aliens that arrive on Earth and try to learn things like “How a does blender a work?” Or “How to Play Snakes and Ladders” but each character represents a hat, there’s Bender Blue Hat (Process), Walter White Hat (Facts), Ronin Red Hat (Emotions), Ginger Green Hat (Creativity), Yasmine Yellow Hat (Positive) and Ben Black Hat (Negative), So they have to work together to figure out things.

The Hater-eteers - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Floogals (Slightly)/The Thinking Hats - English 
Genre: Educational 
You learn about: How to use the Think Hats for more than English Texts (To think “outside the box”)
Rating (AUS system): G (Some scenes may scare younger children)
If you like: Floogals
Type: Original Idea   

  • Atom Town:

Atom Town is Town full of, well, “Cartoon Logic” Filled Atoms, Mainly focusing on a group of atoms: which is Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Nitrogen and Carbon. They go around the home town, whether they’re visiting The Demonic-like Plutonium and his children, Lead and Arsenic or Learning what compound (Fusion is used in this universe), definitely come and visit time!

Atom Town - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: The Periodic Table - Science 
Genre: Educational 
You learn about: The Periodic Table, Chemical Compounds and how it works 
Rating (AUS system): G (Some scenes may scare younger children)
If you like: N/A
Type: Original Idea   

  • The Body System of Max Tonner:

Max Tonner is an ordinary 8 year old but with one big difference, he doesn’t know that his body actually are talking beings, there’s The Brain (An Over-Worked and Very Tired but he loves Max so much and cares for him like a father), then there’s The Heart (A Sweet, Innocent Child), The Lung Twins (Calm Brothers), The Liver and her Baby Gallbladder, The Stomach (Like Homer, but just likes Food. MMM... DONUTS.), The “Princess” Pancreas (Like a Slightly Spoilt Brat) and the other Organ Residents.

The Body System of Max Tonner - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Inner Workings (Slightly)/The Body Systems - Science 
Genre: Educational 
You learn about: All the Body Systems except The Reproduction System (Because explaining that system is very gross) 
Rating (AUS system): G (Some scenes may scare younger children)
If you like: N/A
Type: Original Idea   

Alrighty, now my more mature stuff, well more mature than than the stuff above. (Cross my fingers I don’t get a comment beating for this.)

  • Neon the Hero:

Neon (pronounced Knee-row), a 19-year old alien with Super Speed forms a team with The Mutant Brothers (David “Hulson” Mutant and Peter “Pop Fizz” Mutant), Poison Eye (Real Name: Violet Cobratine) and Girlfriend, Wasp Bei against the Villainous Queen Bee, Her army of bees and her “knights”, Villa (2nd Child of the deceased Demon King/The Satan of this universe), Miss. Slime (A “Human” Mutant with Shape-Shifting Power), Hulkla (Queen Bee’s personal Body Guard, who‘s DNA is a Recombination of Hulson DNA) and the powerful psychic, Eyea. Together, he and his team will save Earth, The universe and beyond.

Neon the Hero - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Based: Earthworm Jim (Slightly)/Sonic the Hedgehog (Slightly)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy 
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes)
If you like: Earthworm Jim and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Type: Original Idea   

  • Candy Crush: the animated series (TV series) and Candy Crush: Mix Saga  (Video Game):

Jenny Yeti, a 10 year old yeti with a love of Boysenberry Jelly and Candy Fish, her world was twisted due to the introduction of Frostheart (a being from another demention), they become a Hulk Mutant (Hilariously known as Frostheart) and of course, misadventures ensues! With friends by her side and villains trying to obtain her powers, who knows what’s gonna happen?!
Candy Crush: The Animated Series - Idea Sheet by Seadragirl12

Okay, I know I’m trying to make a money-hungry franchise have a, well, an “interesting story” but even in the most greediest of games, there’s a story going on (Somehow), okay, here’s the thing with this story:

A. This story takes place in an alternative universe to Main CCS (Candy Crush Saga) Storyline - Other than the introduction of Frostheart and “Hulk Mutants”, there’s plenty of small differences that changes the main universe into something unique, like in the Candy Crush Jelly, Jenny’s Uncle is Mr. Yeti but in this universe, Jenny’s Father is Mr. Yeti.

B. There’s a bigger story going on of the 3 powerful chocolate gods, White and Milk Chocolate (both Sisters) kept Dark Chocolate (the Brother of the two other Chocolate Goddess) Trapped in the Underworld for 100s of years, so he created 5 “children” to find powerful relics to free him and also finding people  to destroy Candy Town (the first civilisation), these events created The Candy Wars, which her mother (Rose “Matiffa” Yeti, because she married to Mr. “Dave” Yeti) and father participated to stop Dark Chocolate’s Army, unfortunately, Rose died 5 days after Jenny was born and that’s the reason that Jenny has no mother but Frostheart was a creation of Rose and Rose told her to protect Jenny for the rest of her life.

It’s definitely a story of Sacrifice, Lost and how Friendship and Family is the most important things in your life. It’s definitely a much better story than what Candy Crush Jelly Saga gives. (To me, the only one with an actual storyline)

Based: The Candy Crush Franchise 
Genre: Action/Comedy
Rating (AUS system): PG (Mild violence, themes, drug references)
If you like: The Candy Crush Franchise and Steven Universe 
Type: Fan Idea/AU (of The Candy Crush Franchise)   

Now, about the Things I HATE:

  • I hate people telling me how to make things -
Okay, it came out bad but here’s the thing, my intelligent mind had figured a way that an Animated Series gets so successful, here’s the “Formula”

Good Show = Time x Research x Dedication 


  • Time - Anything takes time, making a cake, quilmaking, etc. There’s many parts to make a cartoon, Animation, Voice Acting, Writing, etc. So don’t give up, but if you can’t do it in that point in time, save it and then later, you can finish it off.

  • Research - My favourite thing of this formula is Research, even if you making it not realistic, there’s still something to look up, whether it’s your characters, creatures, settings, etc. it’s definitely important to make them believable (in a way, get what I mean? Evil smirk)

  • Dedication - Is it just me or the fans more dedicated than the actual creators these days? Yes, I know money’s petty important but you cannot just make money without truly “pouring your heart out”, so why can more people be like Pixar, in for the story, not the money. So if you’re dedicated to it, then be so!
Okay, not exactly saying that this formula will give you success, but it’s a great rule to follow and yes, I made it and I follow this line to heart.

  • I hate my family (sometimes) -
Okay, It’s obviously that my brother is my biggest hate, of course, but some days, my mum seems to think I’m “addicted” to the IPad, and bans me for it. But rarely this happens.

  • I hate my school, for the teachers, not the education -
You: Why Seadra? Why do you HATE the teachers? Why don’t you hate the English or the P.E.?

Okay, yes, while I HATE P.E. too (Because, I’m a bit of a chubby), to me, it’s the teachers that can make or break your class. Then why do most of my teachers think I’m stupid?  Except Maths, seemingly everyone praises me.

Well there you go! That’s me, if you like to ask any questions about me, go and put in the comments below. But yeah! See you soon! 

Here are some little artworks that I gained and still love:

Little Miss Cute (Older Self) (Bday gift) by Seadragirl129aed2e95-11ed-43ce-ad80-34810fb3561e by Seadragirl12
13 Year Old-Little Miss Cute and (Tiny Non-gift Sketch) Courage and Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Djimmi's Children .:GIFT:. by MyMyDraws3
Djimmi’s Children (Drama Queen is No. 9)

Big Christmas Gift by KarlaDraws14
Big Christmas Gift (Lilthia next to Queen Diamond)
Yet Another Gift by Limey-Pups
(Top, 3rd From Top) Summer Fin and (Bottom, 4th From Top) Lilitha 
Another gift by Limey-Pups



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I Love art since I was 2 years old, and I still draw to this day! On my account, I be doing art about many Games, Cartoons and Popular Media.

MY DREAM/PLAN FOR THE FUTURE: To become an artist and be creater of multiple “spin-off” franchises based on my favourite pieces of media and new, original ideas. Mainly, make them in to TV series.

I also pretty good at changing my voice at will to sound like a Male or Female. So voicing characters won’t be much of a problem.



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