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R e A l I t Y
I am scared,
and so alone,
in my own sheltered box.
Self centered and rude,
unkind to many people,
yet that doesn't stop it;
the shadow dwelling beast within me.
The mask of my smile,
has plastered well on the victim,
self absorbed and inconsiderate,
no feeling at all..
Insibordinate, these things I see,
the demons that have haunted,
and planted their seed.
The perfect image,
the perfect child,
is that what you see;
when you look in my eyes?
Do you see my pain?,
It is all there,
and all so true,
the useless information I hold.
The clutch on me is tight,
my will is loose,
but the rope around my wrists,
keeps getting tighter.
Cutting circulation,
keeping the pain,
smiling still my mask is forced.
The words of wisdom,
from and elder friend,
go through my mind,
and I come to the stunning realization;
maybe life isn't just about me...
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TLH: Ghost's story Pt1
The Lone Hunter: Ghost's story (Part one; Introductions on a mourning day)
A young man slowly sat at an unmarked grave stone, thoughts began rushing through his head as he sat, the rain pouring down on him. His face turned up towards the heavens as tears, like the rain, flowed endlessly down his cheeks; it was his mother's grave, and surrounding it were his siblings and father's graves as well, to him, it was a day of mourning. His crystal blue eyes continued to stare forward as he stood up, his arm came across his face to wipe the tears and rain away. "Only the weak cry.." His father's voice rang through his head clear as silver, glass bells. He dropped a bouquet of red, writher less roses on his mothers grave before turning and walking away, his heart heavy and his mind cleared.
"Ghost! Ghost!" Came a cry as the young man walked through the town of Geffen. "Huh?" the young man questioned at the call of his name. As Ghost turned his head, he saw a young novice approach him,
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The day the world died
My life is slowly fading,
I cut the cords away,
My eyes are finally seeing,
Displeasure and dismay.
Your pain is too decieving,
For my angered view,
I lodge the lead into my skin,
With only thoughts of you.
The arms that wrapped around me,
The god to which I pray,
Has atlast unprofoundly,
Arrived today.
The grave is digging deeper,
With each and every glare,
The lead is seeping deeper,
As I watch them stare.
The skies are growing darker,
The power undefined,
The aura of my mother's corpse,
Is so sublime.
The smell of rotting flesh I hear,
Has a deathless ring,
All the blood that i've shed to you,
All the suffering.
As the sun sets overhead from me,
I hear the name that's called,
The spearow chirping with unwillingness,
The children all have sprawled.
The children of hell are coming for me,
The children will take away the pain,
The children of hell are coming for me,
I've finally lost and it's their gain.
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The eyes
I woke up earlier than expected this morn;
To hear the spearow chirp a saddening tune,
My eyes are blurry and unfocused,
as my feet toss from the bed.
My ears are filled with defeaning silence,
That of which has adorned my life for so many years,
My dreams I fear are coming true,
My life has become a bore.
Safe from never knowing, safe from the pain,
Eyes tell the pity of one's soul,
As they stare dissapointedly out of the window,
To the ashen earth below.
Never knowing love or rejection,
Never knowing kind or forgiving,
The eyes tell a story of a million days,
All passed by hiding in a cabinet that never really exsisted.
When those eyes were that of a childs,
They never understood illness or fraility,
They never saw  life,
Or how precious it really was.
Though when a teenagers eyes they were,
They saw so much agony and despair,
Before finally they retired to the cabinet they lived in now,
Dusty, old and wrinkled.
Never knowing pain,
These eyes of mine..
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The Dawn Arises
I'm not afraid of who I am,
As I drift away from this place,
My mind and soul in one array,
Dancing in another land.
Blackened clouds,
Raise many questions,
Pon' the deep hued horizon,
That we call Earth.
Deep within crusts o' metal and solid,
That's where my happiness lays,
Shattered, and cold,
Along with the hopes of future.
Looking into the mirror,
It shatters and I turn away,
Blood dripping from the porclean corners,
Of my pale complexion.
Slowly it hits the floor,
In rhythmatic proportions,
creating the living reason for my hell,
Eyes of fear and wings of hatred,
Demon of Agony and Angst rises among humans.
Once again my heart has fallen,
Soft and still beating,
To tell of my pain.
I look once more,
Into the mirror,
And the reflection,
Smirks back at me,
Smiling in a wicked state,
Testing it's own self,
It's meaning off and desolant,
A vast cry for help in an open Sea of discouragement..
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This is my reason
This is my reason;
That reason isn't you,
This is my reason;
That I'll stay true,
This is my reason;
Why I'm so relaxed,
This is my way,
To tell you i'm alright
This is my reason;
Why my head spins around,
Not because of you,
Or your friends,
Or their friends,
but because I'm willing to go on.
This is my reason;
For you to live,
This is my reason;
For you to go on,
This is my reason;
For you to stay strong,
This is my reason;
For life to continue,
This is my reason;
For you and I,
This is my reason;
This is no lie.
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Colors of my soul
Dazed off,
Sat simple youth in wonder,
Oceans of blue transfixed silently,
The god aweful site before them,
Midjudged by hipocritic laws,
Looking at this canvas you created,
Empty smiles and tempting lies,
So much pain and agony,
Are the tones of red and orange.
Greens and yellows make up confusion,
Fusing with endless deception and devestation.
Fuscia and purple make the clouded anticipation of it all,
The rush, The feel of anxiety closing in.
Greys and blacks mirror like a shadow,
following their puppetry master move for move,
These are the confused ones of them all.
White and vanilla,
Such innocent decievingful colors,
Typically used as the moral of all goodness,
But in my case used for memories of illness and disease.
Asking me all of these questions as I stare at your complexive color scheme; asking what it all means to me,
But you're not listening,
Your eyes aren't even here,
They're transfixed on another subject,
another object,
Leaving me in tears and b
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Kikikiki ee by Seaderial00 Kikikiki ee :iconseaderial00:Seaderial00 0 2 Lookie here O: by Seaderial00 Lookie here O: :iconseaderial00:Seaderial00 0 2 Tonu101 by Seaderial00 Tonu101 :iconseaderial00:Seaderial00 0 2 Spooners aka fiery hawk by Seaderial00 Spooners aka fiery hawk :iconseaderial00:Seaderial00 0 0 Weee. by Seaderial00 Weee. :iconseaderial00:Seaderial00 0 1
Sweet memories
With closed eyes,
the books were read,
Opening wide was my mind,
First peek into the world,
a smiling child I was,
Bouncing ecstactly around,
Parents close together,
two siblings play,
Video taped by the father,
Blurry his face was,
along with so many others,
everyone smiles, not one thing wrong,
but in reality it cannot be true,
Depressing moments,
children crying,
Mother slamming the door behind her,
children growing,
blossoming into teens,
their mother depressed that she couldn't be there.
Father was alone,
burried in bills and sun burns,
working day to night,
retiring to a roudy messy home,
but not caring to do anything but drink,
not caring where his daughters were,
not giving a damn about anyone but himself.
Selfish pig, he drank his fill and watched his t.v.
briefs showing unwanted crevases,
Children returning after playing in the hot sun,
Bodies exausted from the heat,
running to their beds they sleep,
that being the only place where they are actually treated fairly.
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Denied betrayl
Two ears pierced,
Grey cold gaze,
Casted over the edge of the world,
Alone you stand,
Mouth clenched tight,
Lip quivering in decision,
she laughs wickedly,
Pointing at your Confused soul,
While your true friend drowns in black listed whispers,
Blonde hair glistened,
In such a damned hellish light,
Fear shrouding over you,
As demons'a flight,
Nose upturned, you shunned it all,
back turned, the entire time;
As cries plunged deeper into the oil,
Hand reached up towards your own
Ignored you did,
Flashing one quick gaze before walking on,
Blooming Hell behind your path,
Soon you fall like your friends before you.
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Flamer pt I
The path the young male walked was a difficult one, his paws were frozen solid as the shivering snow fell onto his silver pelt. His sorrowful, swirling moon cresent eyes were engulfed in sting and pain as the snow hit, millions of flakes at a time. He collapsed suddenly on the ground, his legs had given up on him, his eyes shut tight as he thought to himself, "This is last breathe I'll ever take, with that let it be my least get me home..". Suddenly a strong feeling of warmth, and hope came over the young male's body, his paws began to heat up, along with his tail; it was like a heat wave over coming his small frame. " is this.." He mummbled as he stood up, the snow seeming to melt at his touch. He lifted a paw, looking closely at it; It seemed normal enough to him, but yet there seemed an enternal flame, burning deep within his bones and skin. The young male pushed himself forward, despite his muscles that still ached more than they ever have in his small
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Faded back to me
Take my hand,
and we can fly,
far far away from this place,
I can hear, their distant shouts,
It tears apart in agony
I hear,
I see,
Fading far,
Away from me,
There she goes,
Falling farther,
Into the pit,
Of deception
I can hear her bloody screams,
Shouting out in misery
Take us away
Take us away
Take me away
Take me away
Faded back to me
She wrote
Faded back to me
She wrote
Devistation, flying in my arms you lay
this feeling,
I feel deep within,
Help me please mother I pray
give me permission to save her today
and I swear that this life it sucks,
I swear one day The knife will come,
Faded back to me she lays,
Her eyes shut tight,
Ropes around her wrists
I sob at her side
Praying, to the dark
Empty whispers,
behind my back,
I feel so empty
I feel so rattled inside,
all this time I've felt so alone,
all this time she's been gone,
Her tattered body,
It seems so shattered
But still I hold her close,
Feeling cold blood staine
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Chibi Chibi Chibi by giovannag Chibi Chibi Chibi :icongiovannag:giovannag 3,714 608 Sea and Azure. by PsychBreak Sea and Azure. :iconpsychbreak:PsychBreak 1 6 horrible turned into terrible by lizard-lad horrible turned into terrible :iconlizard-lad:lizard-lad 2 12 Pounce by dooodlebugg Pounce :icondooodlebugg:dooodlebugg 481 263 Sock puppet. by PsychBreak Sock puppet. :iconpsychbreak:PsychBreak 3 3 Seady by shifts Seady :iconshifts:shifts 1 2



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