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Hey folks, this is essentially a re-post of a response to a blog question postulated by the DeviantArt admins... What is Art? ah, such an old, wickedly debated question. I suspect a deliberate attempt to stir up a hornet's nest. Well, I have my thoughts on the matter, and what I consider just enough personal insight to feel they are worth sharing. If I'm lucky, I'll help some people understand things a bit better. It also gives one or two hints on my personal state of being, though I am not conceited enough to consider that important. Anyway, here's my response.... *** Art is basically just an oblique term for "expression"... Heck, I'd even
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Yep, I think I am going to do what I think just about anyone on the internet dreads: I am going to be taking pictures of myself to post online. I am doing this for a couple of reasons... First off, The original excuse/purpose: People are curious about what I look like... In particular people who know me online but not in real life... usually online friends and people who enjoy my artwork. I also want some good photo stock for photo-manipulation purposes. I would love to be able to transform myself into a swan, orca, or flammie... either a transforming were-creature writhing around on the ground in pain and/or pleasure, or as a simple "Here
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This a quick journal to key in a "project" I'm going to try. I have long been annoyed at how slow I am churning out artwork. My irritation final came to a boil, so I'm going to be working on something for a while: I am going to be pumping out artwork with a focus on speed and efficiency, rather than meticulous obsession over detail. As such, expect to see a large number of items that are less creative, more sloppy, and done in quicker time. I am doing this because I am seeing a pattern with "professional" artists. they squirt out one item after another in rapid succession, and after some time, are able to make items so quickly, with so litt
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you come back?
Merry Christmas. :3

Also, I honestly think much of your newer FA stuff could go here. the Flammie studies, especially. :3
Merry Christmas!
Hi. I'm actually that one random dude who asked about your icon that one time a billion years ago.

Your art is still as awesome as it was before .
I've known you for months, and yet have not watched you.
Hey hon! <3 Please join us? :) :icontheswandrift:
at the very moment, you have 33,300 page views. DERP. XD