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Departure. Hartman watches Wake fall



"Hartman followed the fall of Alan Wake with his binoculars. When the writer hit the water, he ordered Jack to take the boat to him. The spot was easy to see in the dark even with all the extra lights in the boat. The flare floated and kept burning even in the water. 
Jack turned the radio louder as the engine sputtered. The music was rough and clanking, something the Anderson brothers would no doubt have enjoyed, but Hartman chose to ignore it. Wake was finally within his reach".  (Departure, Page 4.3, Hartman Watches Wake Fall)

I was wondering why didn't anyone still make a sort of illistrations on these manuscript pages that weren't shown in the gams as separate cutscenes. Agree with me, it would be cool to see some scenes that were described in "Departure" - speaking for myself, especially with Hartman. 
Just let me fantasize, okay? I call myself an illustrator, so it's like I'm illustrating Alan's book. Meow :3 

Huh, and thank you Bright-Falls, btw, for accepting all my stuff... actually there is too much of it, I think. =D


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Alan Wake (c) Remedy Entertainement  | Art by SeaCat2401 

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