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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Freelance Artist. Draws a lot of fanart and occasionally writes.

Current hyperfixation: Kingdom Hearts


Berry Melony
Berry Melony

Parents: Strawberry Sunrise,
Siblings: N/A
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Agender
Special Talent: Fruit Farming
Occupation: Owns a Cafe that specializes in fruit drinks
Nicknames: Berry, Ber, Mel, Melly (to be expanded upon)
Born and resides in Ponyville

Personality / Background: 

(( To be expanded upon later )) 


(( To be expanded upon later ))
I'm starting to get the hang of pony anatomy lmao maybe I can start doing more complicated poses soon and stop doing the typical "1/2 profile with one leg up" pose lol
Arctic Tide
Arctic Tide
"Chin up, shoulders square, flank straight!"

Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Partner(s): too many tbh
Kids: Victory Vale, Black Ice
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Cis-male
Special Talent: N/A
Occupation: Crystal Guard soldier, Army General
Nicknames: Sir, Arc, Archie, Ti (pronounced "tie"),  [to be expanded on]
Born and resides in The Crystal Empire

Personality / Background

Arctic Tide grew up an orphan in a very full orphanage. He was born before Sombra took over the Crystal Empire. When he did, he took all the orphans and children he could find and trained them to be soldiers, including Arc. Being forced into the army and trained as a soldier kept him from discovering his special talent and thus, he never received his cutie mark

Being forced into battle at a young age, and constantly forced to prove his mettle or be thrown into the crystal mines, Arc quickly went from a cheerful, playful young foal to a strict and cold soldier. He climbed the ranks to avoid punishments and seek more privileges and did many evil acts in Sombra's name, all of which he deeply regrets.

When Sombra is defeated after their sudden return 1000 years after the battle with Canterlot, Arc stays in the Crystal Guard and becomes one of Prince Shining Armor's lead generals. He and the other soldiers were given a choice to stay in the army or to return to civilian life and live it how they chose. Most, surprisingly, chose to stay in the army; it was the only life they'd ever known. Those who stayed admitted to their crimes under Sombra and were given royal pardons by Princess Cadence and a second chance to lead honest lives. 


While excelling at shouting orders, devising strategies, and talking politics, Arc is awful at managing actual relationships with others outside of his duties as a soldier. He never married even after Sombra was defeated, though he did bed many a mare in an attempt to fill the hole in his heart. He did have a partner for a short time, though that was because she was pregnant with his child, Black Ice, and she left a few months after he was born. 

Arcs relationship with Black Ice was rocky from the start. He wanted him to grow up strong and respected, and he thought to do that he'd have to become a soldier. Black Ice wanted nothing more than to skate on the ice and figure out how to make his double toe loop into a triple. They argued on more than one account about it but Arc never tried to stop BI from following his dream despite not approving. When he saw how successful BI was and how happy he looked skating on the ice, he realized that happiness and strength is something you find your own way. He makes amends with BI and admits that he is proud of him and his accomplishments, and that he was wrong for trying to force his point of view on him. BI forgives him and Arc starts coming to every competition of his son's that he can make.

Arc has no idea that Victory Vale exists until much later in life, when the red stallion starts leaving his mark in the Canterlot Royal Guard. During a summit between Canterlot and the Crystal Empire, Arc accompanies the Royals among a select few other generals and runs into Victory Vale. He's struck by how alike they look and strikes up a conversation with the younger stallion. He hears all about his accomplishments and the records he's broken, how he's one of their best strategists and already a general despite being so young. When Arc asks about his family, his heart sinks when he finds out his mother is Tempest Shadow, a mare Arc finds himself remembering bedding for her fiery personality and authoritative demeanor.

He starts to have his suspicions about VV being his son, and on a rare day off, travels to Ponyville and to the Twilight Castle where he's heard Tempest lives now with her wife, Princess Twilight. Tempest is, of course, very surprised to see him and only a little confused who he is at first (she'd had a lot of drinks the night they met) before he explains. He also explains that he met her son, Victory Vale, in Canterlot and asks her if he's his father. She admits she doesn't know because she, too, bedded many ponies during the darker time of her life after the Storm King. She's even more surprised to see how crestfallen Arc looks at that, and says that while VV doesn't know who his father is, he's never really show disdain towards the idea of having a father, and perhaps to start, they could do a DNA test to see if they match up. He agrees and she says she'll talk to VV about it.

He leaves and it's months before he hears from her again, receiving a letter early one Saturday morning after dawn training is over and he's having his second cup of coffee. VV has agreed to the DNA test, but wants to meet the pony who believes he's his father first. It's a rough encounter, to be sure. While VV may not have been bitter about growing up without a father, he is bitter about how said father simply bedded his mother and then disappeared without a word to her or even a look at his child. VV is even more bitter that the suspected gene donor is a decorated and respected general from the Crystal Guard. The meeting is tense but they get it over with and agree to meet again once they get their DNA test back.

Suffice to say the test came back positive - Arcitc Tide is Victory Vale's biological father. Their relationship started off very distant but they saw each other often enough during events and summits that they eventually started to talk again and clear some of the air between them, and VV eventually forgave him once he learned that Arc had been in a similar state as his mother when they'd met.

He also tells VV that he has brother - his son, Black Ice - and suggests that he should at least meet him if he wants. But that's a story for another time.


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SeaBreezyy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Honestly, I just enjoy the show a lot to make content for it. Designing OCs and writing stories for them is kind of my job and it's my favorite thing to do, even if the characters will never be canon. As long as others enjoy it as much as I do then it's pretty satisfying to do.
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